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Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by chicken_little, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. afm1982

    afm1982 Miami has the Dolphins...

    Went to my usual branch after work to deposit a check and get some cash. Like many of you, I also usually ask if they have any halfs.

    Today, the regular teller says he has some in the back. That some guy deposited them all. $180 total. I think to myself that I smell a 'dump'. But since I inquired, I should play the game. So I requested $20, and he was glad to be able to get rid of some. He went to the back counter and retrieved two rolls for me. While he is finishing up the deposit, I take a peek inside one of the rolls and see a silver. Now I'm thinking it may not be a CRH dump, but a potential score. I request the rest of the rolls, and paid for them.

    He gets the rest of the rolls, finishes out the transaction, and we chit chat for a minute. As I'm leaving the branch, the anticipation is building in me. It takes all my strength to keep calm out into the parking lot. I get to the car and start looking into the rolls.

    Definitely not a dump.

    In total, there were:
    1x Barber
    10x Walkers
    110x Franklins
    239x 1964 Kennedys

    Yes, you did the math right. Every single coin was 90%.

    Sure takes the sting out of not hitting the lottery this week;)

    View attachment 838416 IMG_0233[1].JPG IMG_0237[1].JPG
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  3. furryfrog02

    furryfrog02 Well-Known Member

    That is absolutely amazing
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  4. Bman33

    Bman33 Well-Known Member

    Amazing! I gotta hit the tellers for more CWR.
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  5. Sam Carter

    Sam Carter Well-Known Member

    128 ounces of silver for face, Nice work!!
  6. TexAg

    TexAg Well-Known Member

    Awesome score @afm1982! Your instincts were right. Congratulations on bagging so many 90%ers! :D:jawdrop::cigar:
  7. davidharmier60firefox

    davidharmier60firefox Well-Known Member

    I got an entirely customer wrapped box.
    Changing the day from Tuesday to Thursday has me baffled.
    Did 5 rolls yesterday. Thinking 5 today. 10 tomorrow and Sunday and 5 first three days of next week.
    A roll I had marked 7.17 was some of the worst copper I had.
    What was I thinking.
  8. Seattlite86

    Seattlite86 Outspoken Member

    Found this one today. If only it were in a better grade/condition.

    533059D8-599A-4671-A934-F11B59CA3FAE.jpeg 89CEAF8B-4E75-4CD9-9E16-ABE695BA93DD.jpeg D7764274-7570-4324-9356-53E3F6BD7CEA.jpeg DE54972C-AD43-4258-BDB9-A21B2C327094.jpeg 9EF9C486-B3FA-4BD1-966B-DABCE0757543.jpeg 1BE5D9F1-B83C-47BB-BBB7-FA4D7CBF3684.jpeg
  9. Arby

    Arby Well-Known Member

    AFM1982, What a fantastic score,that is one for the record books by today standards. Congrats!!!!
  10. Arby

    Arby Well-Known Member

    As I stated yesterday, my last bank for the week didn't have my halves, so I dumped today at me Credit Union and the manager told me she had an extra box that someone ordered and didn't pickup and of course I purchased it. I then went to my other bank and they told me they forgot to order but had two boxes in the back. I purchased those as well, Out of the three boxes 2 skunks, the one box yielded 2 Enders, and 7 pieces of silver, 1-43, 1-44, and 1-45 Walkers,2-64 kennedys, and 1-66, and 1-68. Had a most excellent week with 55 Pieces of silver. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Best of luck to everyone!
    Oct 26 2018 Finds-ccfopt.jpg Oct 26 2018 Enders-ccfopt.jpg
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  11. jensenbay

    jensenbay Well-Known Member

    One half... nothing but did pick up 20 common Ikes.
  12. CTRollHunter

    CTRollHunter Well-Known Member

    A box of pennies got me a 1930-D and this 1909 VDB:
    20181027_000805.jpg 20181027_000748.jpg

    Attached Files:

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  13. sergeant

    sergeant Not a Member

    IMG_0102 (1).jpg

    Got a box of pennies. I searched with a friend after school and found about 20 wheats. Here are the highlights. The 2 worn out ones are 1920-S and 1932!!!

    IMG_0103.jpg IMG_0104.jpg IMG_0101.jpg
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    Hunted 2 boxes of NF String quarters, 2 boxes of NF String dimes, and 2 boxes of loomis dimes.
    For the quarters, I was looking for the Cumberland Island ATBs; didn’t find any of those, but I did pull a 1964-D silver quarter. It’s my first silver quarter of the year from CRH.
    The NF dimes ended up being skunks, but the loomis dimes produced 2 silvers, one of which is a 1955-D key date rosie. Haven’t found one of those before.
    I also ended up getting a bunch of foreigns and trash, including a metal washer and a partial zincoln
  15. davidharmier60firefox

    davidharmier60firefox Well-Known Member

    I got a bummer box this time. Rolls of all 2001, 2013 and others.
    A roll of mostly ugly and unreadable zinc.
    One roll of mostly useless copper.
    In other news I put a different keyboard on my computer and it's been working pretty well.
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  16. Bambam8778

    Bambam8778 Well-Known Member

  17. sergeant

    sergeant Not a Member

    Got a “fed” box of halves. Some guy marked some by scraping off one face of the coin with a nail.
  18. CTRollHunter

    CTRollHunter Well-Known Member

    Keep looking...I have found around 10 09 VDB's in boxes
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  19. SlipperySocks

    SlipperySocks Well-Known Member

    Results from 2 Nickel boxes last week
    Top stacks are '68S, '69S & '70S


    20181025_170844-1.jpg Total results for those interested 20181029_104512.jpg 20181029_104504.jpg
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  20. SlipperySocks

    SlipperySocks Well-Known Member

    20181019_194146-1.jpg 20181029_111016-1.jpg 20181021_164416.jpg 2 boxes of halves did not have any silver just;
    2011& '13 Panama
    Funky Toned Bicen.
    Doz other misc. NIFC's
    2 damaged Proofs
    Lots of halves damaged with a #7 punch.
    We will get better results next time!

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  21. AllCoExpat

    AllCoExpat Well-Known Member

    $20 CWR Cents: '34 and '58 wheats and 310 coppers

    $100 CWR Nickels: 45-P, 45-D, and 24 others between 39-59.

    $270 CWR Dimes: Skunk.

    At lease smeone helpfully marked some of the cent rolls for me (*narrator: the rolls marked "old" were not old.*)

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