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Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by chicken_little, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. illini420

    illini420 1909 Collector

    Got a bag of $500 in Ikes :)

    Actually after counting them, there were only 499, but since around half of them were UNC, I won't make a big deal of it. No silver in the bag though, but there was a 1776-1976-S Bicentennial proof in the bag that would probably grade PR40. Pretty rough and has been circulated, but can still see those proof mirrors.
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  3. Inquisitive

    Inquisitive Starting 2 know something


    190 in customer halves (19 rolls from 3 banks)

    out of 180 (18 rolls) 4 40%, 1 76S (clad):D, one 82 no FG

    Out of one roll:

    2 Clad.

    7 Frankies.
    11 Walkers.

    WOW! (and yes, I yelled)

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  4. talley

    talley Member

    Went to the bank and got 500$ in halves, and 100$ in nickels. I also got a silver 1964 dime from the teller.

    Searched the box of halves last night:

    5x 40%ers. I forgot to note what years they were before I threw them into my silver box.

    1x 1987P
    1x 2004P
    1x 2005D
    19x 2001P according to my Redbook these weren't issued for circulation. Are these worth holding onto? All 19 of them, or should I just keep a few nice ones?

    I also got what I thought was silver at first.....It's a 1983P that has been dipped or plated in silver, or something silver ish. It also has the years 1960 and 1980 stamoed on each side of Kennedy. I'll try and get a quality picture of it and post it here.
  5. talley

    talley Member

    ok, here are the pics:



  6. sodbuster

    sodbuster Junior Member

    I, concur, WOW.

    That just about equals what I have found searching through nearly $10,000 in halves (13 Franklins, 5 Walkers).

    About $120 in silver for $10... not bad.

    I need a roll like that!

  7. Aggiecollector

    Aggiecollector Junior Member

    Not much but something

    5 boxes of halves:

    1 1943
    1 1944
    1 1967
    1 1969

    That was it. Still on a about 6 weeks of bread crumbs.

  8. talley

    talley Member

    Well, had a crappy coin collecting day today.

    I always buy rolled coin from my bank, and I cash it in at the Local casino. Well long story short, the casino has said that I cannot cash my coins there anymore because I don't have a "players card". I don't gamble, but we do spend money in the casino. I cash my check there every Friday, and we occasionally see a movie or go bowling there.

    So, now I have to find a new place to take all of my coins. I'd rather not take them back to the bank that I get them from. I was hoping I wouldn't have to roll it all back up.

    What do you guys all do with the coins after you've gone through them?
  9. hrhomer

    hrhomer Member

    I've never been to a casino that doesn't offer a FREE players club-type card. I'm sure you can get one for free...

  10. talley

    talley Member

    I wish it were that easy. They said theat they would need to see activity on my "Players card" in order for them to provide me the service.
  11. Lather

    Lather Time traver Numismatist

    Nice find the other day.. 10 rolls Jeffersons .. Super!!!

    1941S x 4 with one of them being a Large MM variety!!
    1955D with I think has a doubled MM...
    I posted these in errors .. And today found a AU 1969S/S I think..
    I have to scan and post that one still...

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  12. talley

    talley Member

    On a happier note, I went through 100$ in Nickels and found the following:

    1x 1940
    1x 1941
    1x 1941 D
    1x 1942 Woody
    1x 1942 S (silver)
    1x 1943 D (silver)
    1x 1945 S
    1x 1947
    1x 1948
    1x 1949
    1x 1952 Woody
    1X 1953 D Very Clean
    1x 1954
    1x 1955 D
    1x 1956
    5x 1958 D
    1x 1958 Woody
    3x 1959 D
    2x 1959

    A lot of 60-64. Anything newer than that, I just look for errors before I toss them into the bin.

    I did also come across a 1964D with some nice toning.
  13. bobbeth87

    bobbeth87 Coin Collector

    Seemslike there has been some great finds lately. Franklins and Walkers......send some of that luck my way!

    REgarding the quote above.....what is a "woody" (I'm talking about coins here)
  14. Inquisitive

    Inquisitive Starting 2 know something

    1: I'm almost sure that halves were minted for circulation in 2001, they stopped in 2002.

    2: I have an Ike that looks like that, feel if it seems like it has a plastic cover, it may be some sort of lamination for jewelery purposes.

    3: Good finds on the nickels. I think th 45S is also silver.
  15. playin4funami

    playin4funami Junior Member

    120.00 dollars worth of halves,found one 1968-d 40% coin in xf condition,pretty slim pickings.
  16. AlexN2coins2004

    AlexN2coins2004 ASEsInMYClassifiedAD

    yea I've only found 19 - 40%'s in the past 5 months of going to the bank every 2 weeks when I cash my check.
    Nebraskans just aren't throwing them out for us to snach up...
  17. cerdsalicious

    cerdsalicious BigShot

    Todays roll searching results:
    Box of halves
    1 1893 columboan exposition half dollar

    4 box's of nickels
    1 1936 (Mint unreadable) Bufallo Nickel
    4 1943 S war nickel
    2 1945 P war nickel
    1 1950 D banged up and heavily worn down

    1 Box of dimes
    1 1952 Silver Dime
    1 1982 No P dime

    3 boxes of pennies
    48 wheatbacks all common dates
    2 1960-D small dates
    1 2000 95%plated

    100 in quarters
    3 bicentenial quarters
    1 1963 quarter

    All in all not too bad considering califronia is soo dry on everything
  18. acodym

    acodym Junior Member

    It is practically impossible to find any half dallers where I live! I checked every bank all the time but there is never anything.
  19. bobbeth87

    bobbeth87 Coin Collector

    Found a bank with $320 in brinks rolled halves on Saturday: No keepers.

    Today I searched a box of halves: 9 40%ers.

    I had 5 in the first 5 rolls I opened, so I thought it was going to be a monster box. I'll still take it as 9 in one box is my best box in a while.
  20. your cat

    your cat A kitty cat

    Is there a certain chain of banks that carry halves? or is it just random?

    I would like to start searching. any tips?
  21. mrak

    mrak Member

    Just start going to banks and asking the tellers if they have any halves. If they don't have any they may offer to ask the other tellers. Sometimes they have them sometimes they don't. It's a bit of a numbers game in that you have to keep asking.
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