Roll-searchers, post your results!

Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by chicken_little, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. lincolnhoardr

    lincolnhoardr Coin Hoarder

    Thanks bob! Im glad that you found a 40% silver at least today.
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  3. illini420

    illini420 1909 Collector

    Very cool finding that Booker T. Washington in a roll!!
  4. rallen

    rallen Junior Member


    how do I get to general discussion
  5. bobbeth87

    bobbeth87 Coin Collector

    From Erin's description, it was not a Booker T Washington Commem, it was a Washington/Carver Commem (with both of them).
  6. Aggiecollector

    Aggiecollector Junior Member

    Pics of the Commemorative

    First ever attempt at pics of a coins so here goes. Hopefully it looks ok. What do you guys think? Found in a roll of halves...


    I have no idea if these will even do it justice but very easy to read the coin.


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  7. Aggiecollector

    Aggiecollector Junior Member

    Picture feedback

    Ok gang that was my first attempt at taking and posting a pic here. Give me some feedback or point me to where I can get advice on how to photo and post the coins here.


  8. bobbeth87

    bobbeth87 Coin Collector

    Actually, your pics are just fine, and blow up well. No problems.
  9. sodbuster

    sodbuster Junior Member

    Today's results:

    Not much luck in the pennies - searched 36 rolls

    3 Wheats, 2x 45d, 1x 56d

    Was starting to get frustrated with my nickel box, too but it ended well...
    3 prewar - 2x 39, 1x 41
    no silvers
    1 x canadian

    and, with three rolls left there was a 1927 buffalo

    My first one from rolls!

    Probably not worth more than a dollar, but a lot more exciting to me than finding the cud penny a couple of weeks ago.

    Never thought I'd draw a buffalo nickel from circulation, but there it was!


    P.S. Because I'm strange, I keep all nickels from before 1970. I notice that I find an inordinant number of 1964 and '64d. So I look up the mintage to see that the US minted more nickels in '64 than any other year before or since. Does anyone know why they did this?
  10. wiggam007

    wiggam007 Cut-Rate Parasite

    A thread on which this is talked about:
  11. sodbuster

    sodbuster Junior Member

    Thanks for the note, Wiggam. The other thread pretty much says the same thing... The mintage was high. But only speculation as to why. Interesting, though.
  12. immytay1

    immytay1 Member

    Went through a box of pennies today and found the following

    2 1952 Canadian Penny
    2 Canadian Comm.
    1957 Canadian Penny
    UNC 2004, 2005, 2006 Canadian Pennies
    3 Rail Splitters
    2 Log Cabins
    2 1950 Wheat Pennies
    1957D X2
    1940 X2
    1951D X3
    1952D X3
    1945 X3
    1953D X2

    I would say that this was a good box also 1 of the 1940P pennies I found had a reverse of a UNC. 1958D which I thought was cool
  13. lincolnhoardr

    lincolnhoardr Coin Hoarder

    One of your 1940P cents had a reverse of an UNC 1958D? :eek:dd:What exactly is that?
  14. immytay1

    immytay1 Member

    it had a UNC look on the back but the front had a few black smudges
  15. lincolnhoardr

    lincolnhoardr Coin Hoarder

    I found a corroded 1911 cent a nice 1937-s and a
  16. immytay1

    immytay1 Member

  17. lincolnhoardr

    lincolnhoardr Coin Hoarder

    just finished a bag of nickels and snagged 1 silver wartime a 1943-S
  18. bobbeth87

    bobbeth87 Coin Collector

    8 rolls of cents:

    1 wheat, 3 log cabins, 5 log splitters

    1 box of halves:

    2 1968 :D
  19. Scrumhalf2

    Scrumhalf2 Junior Member

    Bobbeth do you know what your total for silver finds is? It seems like your adding more just about every day. Nice finds!
  20. d.t.menace

    d.t.menace Member

    Nice finds lincolnhoardr,still looking for my first WAM.The 1911 find is pretty cool too.I found the cruddiest 1914 p you'll ever see a couple weeks ago. It's amazing you can still find that old a coin in circulation.
    Here's my find over the weekend. 1995 doubled die(wavy steps).

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  21. bobbeth87

    bobbeth87 Coin Collector

    I started roll searching and bank scavenging for halves around May. I started a spreadsheet of my finds:

    27 boxes searched, plus $1154 in loose rolls and loose halves

    4 Walkers
    6 Franklins
    28 1964 Kennedys (Total of 38 90% silvers)

    137 1965 - 1970 Kennedys
    1 1976 S Kennedy (Total of 138 40% silvers)

    Total silver coins 176

    I feel extremely fortunate. I never dreamed there was that much silver out there...
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