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Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by chicken_little, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. bigstoff

    bigstoff Active Member

    2013-03-12 12.07.57.jpg 2013-03-12 12.07.25.jpg What should I do with these.nice tone on the ends
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  3. TaborTot22

    TaborTot22 Well-Known Member

    I found 5 of them Coin Roll Hunting and called around to every coin shop within a 40 mile radius. All of them told me that they weren't interested...even SilverTowne (Winchester, IN) wasn't interested because there wasn't much of a demand for them.

    I ended up listing them on craigslist and I sold the 5 rolls for $65 ($3 over face value per roll). Not a great profit but still, I was happy to get rid of them and made $15.
  4. TaborTot22

    TaborTot22 Well-Known Member

    Box of Halves: 2x40%
  5. Found these 5 40% silver halves out of 2 boxes in half dollars yesterday:
  6. Mr. Flute

    Mr. Flute Well-Known Member

    $40 BWR nickels - 43-P, 44-P, 46-D & 49-D
  7. CTRollHunter

    CTRollHunter Well-Known Member

    Sweet, sweet silver!

    I went to 4 banks today, but only the third one had any halves. Eight rolls. I was disappointed to see the first roll was already labelled with the contents:

    2013-03-12A copy.jpg

    The label was accurate...nothing interesting. 4 more rolls were just the same. Clad only. But the next roll had 4 part silver halves. The 5th roll looked even more interesting:

    2013-03-12D copy.jpg

    Last, but not least, the sixth roll showed solid silver!

    2013-03-12B copy.jpg

    The labels were accurate! 39 40%ers! Just under two full rolls --- and many with full mint luster! Add a single silver dime and I found 40 silver coins today!

    2013-03-12E copy.jpg
  8. TaborTot22

    TaborTot22 Well-Known Member

    Nice work CTRollHunter. I have yet to find an interesting find from CWR. All my major scores come from BWR. Keep up the great work!
  9. CTRollHunter

    CTRollHunter Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Tabor. I have found dumped collections 4 or 5 times. It is rare, but it does happen! I hope you are next!
  10. bigstoff

    bigstoff Active Member

    2013-03-12 17.44.20.jpg 2013-03-12 17.44.20-1.jpg box of halfS skunked but I found this no FG
  11. rockyyaknow

    rockyyaknow Well-Known Member

    Not bad at all considering you paid face.
  12. TaborTot22

    TaborTot22 Well-Known Member

    Box of Halves: Skunk, 1987P

    Box of Nickels: MY BEST BOX OF PRE-1960 NICKELS EVER!!!

    My previous best was 66 pre-1960 nickels in a box. TODAY I FOUND 184 pre-1960 Nickels.

    Unfortunately, there were no wars or 1950s. Okay, which of you dumped at Brinks in Indianapolis???!!! IndyRonnie, was that you??? :)

    Just for fun, here is the breakdown of the 184 nickels that I found:

    1-1942D (non silver)
    1-1955 (lowest mintage coin in box)

    Okay off to check for errors. :)
  13. admrose

    admrose Member

    Today I did 2,500 cents. While I didn't find any varieties (my goal), it was easily my best non-goal box yet:

    15 wheats (oldest being a 1919)
    7 "S" mintmarks (non-proof)
    10 BU (oldest being a 1953)
    4 2009's (3-P and 1-D)
    12 Canadians
    Approx. 661 copper cents, for a total of 4.3 lbs of copper!
  14. coins776

    coins776 no title

    where do any of you get these rolls of coins? and how much is the cost of each roll of coins on average?
  15. indyronnie

    indyronnie New Member

    I wish I could say it wass just me, but I got people buying my half boxes I order before I can get in there the same day, as for nickels if it had a 55p then no I keep all the low mintage ones.
  16. lotusboyrulz

    lotusboyrulz Member

    ​1 40% silver half out of a tellers tray 1967.
    1 1953 dime out of $125.
  17. jensenbay

    jensenbay Well-Known Member

    The bank... they cost the face value of the coins.

    Rolled through about $100 in halves today... skunk.
  18. BCArthur

    BCArthur Active Member

    Box #25 of Halves: Skunk
    Box #26 of Halves: 1-40%, 1-90%
    Box #27 of Halves: 1-40%

    One more box to go through. The teller wished me luck with "Hope you find plenty of gold." I'll take it. Heck, I'll even settle for a silver coin, or two.
  19. Inquisitive

    Inquisitive Starting 2 know something

    2 boxes of dimes - 4 roosies
  20. Agilmore01

    Agilmore01 Well-Known Member

    New to the forum, my first post! I love roll searching, I think I am in a unique position to roll search. I am a bank manager of a small bank and I search every single coin roll that comes through the bank whether it is CWR or BWR. Surprisingly, I don't get hardly any silver from either. I have only found one silver quarter ever, and maybe 15 silver dimes in a years time. Silver nickels are getting scarce too. I do keep all per 1960 nickels and all wheaties. I have completed multiple nickel Whitman books. I have almost completed the whole Kennedy half set minus a few very recent ones. I have only had to buy the 1970 so far. At a different branch, the manager there had someone deposit 6 Franklin halves in the deposit and someone has traded in a Peace for face value there also. I haven't had such luck. I will def post my findings here.
  21. TaborTot22

    TaborTot22 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to CT! Coin roll hunting is definitely fun. Working at a bank does indeed give you a unique opportunity to find silver and collectible coins. However, do you really open all the BWR coins at the bank BEFORE you purchase them? So, nothing in your bank is unsearched? Seems a little off to me for a bank manager to do that. However, maybe my perspective is skewed as a non-bank worker who CRH. Anybody else wanna chime in with their opinions?
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