Roll-searchers, post your results!

Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by chicken_little, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. Picked up five loose Ikes at the bank today. Two hole fillers ('71 and '72D), but not much else to report.
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  3. Pi man

    Pi man Well-Known Member

    What a fascinating hobby this is!
  4. TaborTot22

    TaborTot22 Well-Known Member

    I've only been a Roll Searcher for about 6-7 months and, for nickels, I have found all years and mints except for:

    1938D, S
    1939D, S
    1943D War
  5. TaborTot22

    TaborTot22 Well-Known Member

    Box of Halves: 1x1964 (it was an ender, too!) :)

    That's my first 90%er in 3 weeks and nearly $9000 searched. Whew!
  6. BriannaCG

    BriannaCG Member

    What is the best denomination to start looking through bank rolls?
  7. Pi man

    Pi man Well-Known Member

    If you can get them, then halves are the easiest and usually produce the best (silver, proofs, NIFC). If halves are not available, then anything but quarters, depending on your interests.
  8. indyronnie

    indyronnie New Member

    $100.00 box of nickels
    2 2009 d

    $25.00 box of pennies
    7 wheats oldest 1934
    17 canadians
  9. sjlund

    sjlund Member

    2 boxes of dimes yielded 2 roosies and my first merc in quite a while:

  10. Darchangel

    Darchangel Member

    $100 BWR dimes - '51
  11. RobertAPearce

    RobertAPearce Member

    Wow, am I ever disappointed... Just finished my first ever $250 box of dimes, and a TOTAL SKUNK!

    After 2 Boxes of Nickels, with a total of over 60 pre-1960 nickels, a box of dimes is a real bummer..

    I think I'm going to have to visit my therapist, and get a new prescription of medication for my depression!

  12. sjlund

    sjlund Member

    Keep at it, I've had 9 skunk boxes so far this year.
  13. rockyyaknow

    rockyyaknow Well-Known Member

    I think Nickels are a good coin to start on. Not only can you pull silver, but also Buffalo, Liberty and proofs as well.
  14. clorox

    clorox Member

    Four boxes of halves: One '87 P and one magician's coin
    About $175 CWR and loose halves: Seven 40% and two Franklins
    $310 BWR halves: Nothing
  15. gunnovice09

    gunnovice09 Nothing

    Finally hit some silver halves tonight out of a box got 4 40%. Not much but better than the 20 to 25 boxes of no silver halves!
  16. admrose

    admrose Member

    Today's search: 1000 halves

    Results: 2 "S" proofs ('78 and '90)
  17. rockyyaknow

    rockyyaknow Well-Known Member

    $30 BRW - Dimes - Nohing
    $30 BRW - Nickels 11 pre 1960 including my first two 1938 and a 44p War.
  18. newcoinguy

    newcoinguy Member

    anyone know where Merc Crazy went? Have not seen him post for a long time?
  19. simpsonfan2

    simpsonfan2 New Member

    Today's results: $6 Pennies 93 copper, 1918S, 1944P, 1950D $20 Nickles: 1941P, 1951D, 1954D, 1954S, 1943S War. $25 Dimes: 1948S.....$350 Quarters: South Korean hat guy, 2005 Canadian with 2 military veterans on the reverse instead of the elk.
  20. cmc86413

    cmc86413 Member

    Today's Results: $20 in CWR Nickles: 3 dateless buffalo's, 1934 buffalo, 2 1943P's War, 2 1943S's War, 2 1945P's War, and a 1948S.
    IMAG0475.jpg IMAG0476.jpg
  21. gunnovice09

    gunnovice09 Nothing

    Dang. All that In only 20 dollars worth!
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