Roll-searchers, post your results!

Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by chicken_little, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. chicken_little

    chicken_little Active Member

    Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, halves, or dollars, it doesn't matter. If you search for collectibles, rare dates, or oldies, post what you found! Don't forget, if you only found 1 goodie, its still good!
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  3. AvgCollector

    AvgCollector New Member

    I am trying to get rolls of halves. My bank doesn't carry them and wont order them. Ill ask my dad to ask his bank. I did find a 1906 Indian Head penny in a roll of pennies once at work. I quickly grabbed that up.
  4. chicken_little

    chicken_little Active Member

    I tried pennies a couple days ago and didn't find much. Got six rolls, no wheaties. But I did find a AU 1968-S and an Unc. 1972-D.
    I also tried dimes...just filled in a couple holes in my whitman folder.
  5. rambozo

    rambozo New Member

    i buy merc dime rolls on ebay from time to time.and most are always 30's/40's common but from time to time i find a EF teen or 20's
  6. boston

    boston Member

    I bought a number of Jefferson rolls on ebay and ended up with near 80 RPM's or multiple strike mint marks. Wish I hadn't missed so many other rolls from that seller. I posted a couple here (variety nickels), but had many 53-s, rpm-002,3,4, and 54-s, 54-d, and a few other dates. Several are not yet attributed. Waiting for the Jefferson RPM update from CONECA, before I attempt attribution on a few.
    Lately, I'm getting into Morgan VAMs. Don't even need rolls to find interesting die variations. Many are already slabbed without attribution.
  7. atrox001

    atrox001 Senior Member

    Went through a roll of 73S Kennedy's today and found a 73S DDO-002.

    Larry Nienaber

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  8. idiotpunk123

    idiotpunk123 New Member

    today I bought $10 in nickles and only recieved a 1959. not too good. shall try for halves tomarrow.
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  9. lawdogct

    lawdogct Coin Collector

    Curiosity, if you pull a coin out of a mixed roll, how can it be Unc?
  10. lakebreeze

    lakebreeze New Member

    I made out a list for my wife of what to look for at her place of business, and I check pocket change. I 've found a 98 wide a.m. cent and quite a few rpm's and 4 missing clad quarters, dimes and 1 quarter with missing clad on both sides. My wife has found maybe a dozen or so proof quarters, dimes and nickles from the 60's. The proofs are in great shape with one or two cams and a couple that have fingerprints, pays to look I guess.
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  11. benk1234

    benk1234 New Member

    I got $150 in halves at the bank today and at a quick glance found 3 40% coins one was a 1968 S.
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  12. julzboi661

    julzboi661 New Member

    out of 8 rolls random nickels..

    2 FS's
    16 Keelboats
    10 Bison
    6 Peace medal
    0 Ocean
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  13. chicken_little

    chicken_little Active Member

    I went through 6 rolls of nickels today, and found 6 pre-1960.
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  14. chicken_little

    chicken_little Active Member

    dang, good job on the proof!
  15. Skylark

    Skylark Senior Member

    I don't usually get rolls but last month I got a roll of 1969 50c CAD and in it I found a... let the suspense build up... 50c from 1968 :p
  16. julzboi661

    julzboi661 New Member

    :D LOL
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  17. benk1234

    benk1234 New Member

    About 5 years ago I went to the bank and got $50 in halfs and the teller said a man brought in a roll of halfs to cash in that she had not seen before and wondered if I wanted them. Needless to say I said yes and could not wait to see them. When she gave them to me on the outside of the roll was 2 tail Franklin halfs so I knew I had a great deal (at .50 cents apiece) what I did not know was the roll contained 4 Franklin halfs, 10 walkers, 5 Barbers and last but the best of all an 1878 Seated Half that was a VG-F. I thought right then I would never get a better buy and so far I have not even been Close!!! (nor do I expect to be).
  18. chicken_little

    chicken_little Active Member

  19. Daggarjon

    Daggarjon Supporter**

  20. julzboi661

    julzboi661 New Member

    HOLY [insert favorite 4-letter expletive] !!!! What did you do? go change your pants afterward?
  21. TOLS196024

    TOLS196024 New Member

    I went through a box of nickels last night:
    42 Pre 1960
    1989-S Proof
    1943-P Wartime
    1945-P Wartime
    1945-S Wartime
    Last but not least, a 1913-S Type 1 Buffalo F-12. This is, so far, the oldest and most valuable nickel that I've pulled from a roll. Now if only I could find a 1916 DDO.....
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