WTS: Roll searchers - OBW penny boxes/rolls 2009 LP2, 2010, 2012 & copper - Atlanta area

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    Greetings all,

    I went through my penny stash and decided it is time to thin out the heard a bit as I didn't realize how many I had stuffed away. I live just north of Atlanta, GA and would prefer not to ship these but rather meet face to face, but if you pay shipping/Paypal costs i'll ship them.

    New OBW String & Sons penny rolls - $100/Box $5/Roll

    (7) $25 Boxes of 2009 P Lincoln LP2 pennies - Lots of errors in this release!
    (3) $25 Boxes of 2010 P Shield pennies - 1st year of the shield design
    (1) $25 Box 2012 Shield pennies - Loomis - Box opened as you can't see in it otherwise but all rolls sealed

    Wheat Pennies - $150
    $36 worth all rolled up - I'm certain these have been searched for major errors, but if you're hunting for more minor stuff you may find something interesting.

    Copper pennies including all 1982's - $50/box
    (8) $25 Boxes+ 1959-1982 including all 82 varieties (Copper & zinc) - I guarantee there are no 1972 DDO's - but otherwise it's fair game. When I separated these I only searched the zincs for errors and just kept these to go through later when I had more time, right...

    Also 2009 LP2 DDRs
    I have quite a few of the very first 2009 Lincoln LP2 DDRs in tip top shape.
    DDR-001 - $10/each
    DDR-002 - $10/each
    DDR-003 - $5/each
    All 3 - $20

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