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    River gods are occasionally depicted on Roman imperial coins and commonly on Roman provincial coins. As far as I know, there is no book that focuses on them, but there is a rare sale catalog with 482 pictured in color.

    Helios 3 (2009, April 29-30) 782 ancients among 1113. 7 Celtic, 1 RR imit, 60 G, 10 RR, 204 RI, 17 Byz, 2 Gepids, and an amazing collection of 482 Roman and Roman provincials with river gods.
    An amazing collection of river gods on Roman and Roman provincial coins (482)


    I am keeping my personal copy and have been seeking a second for years, but until now I did not found one at all, regardless of price. Finally, I got one to sell and I want to find it a good home. It is a beautiful catalog with PR and an amazing theme collection (and other coins too). Wonderful for Roman provincial coins and essential if you want to know about coins with river gods. Text in German but the photos are in English! :happy:

    I don't know if there is anyone out there who cares about super reference works like I do, but there might be.

    [$29 SOLD + $3.50 shipping in the US only]

    For books and catalogs about ancient coins, see
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