Richmond, Va. Coin show 10/19/19

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    The fall show was held this past Friday through today at the Acca temple on Hermitage ave, the same venue as the last few years. I attended Saturday afternoon, a couple of dealers told me they had a very good show in terms of sales; I commented that there were a lot of people attending and they said "you should have been here this morning!"
    Volunteers in the kitchen had sold out of most of the lunch items by 1:30, I discovered.

    While I was on the lookout for a couple of scarce coins for my sets, I decided to be receptive to at least examining things that really caught my eye. Early on, I stopped by the table of Coins Make Cents, to see if Rob and Casey had been able to find any colorful Roosie dimes for me. My goal is to have an AU/MS raw set, nicely toned, to put into a Capitol Plastics holder (finding the holder is likely to be the biggest challenge, it seems!).I only need a couple more to finish.

    They had located a 1951 and 1954 for me, and also a nice looking circ. 43-d merc that I could not refuse.
    1954-P toned obv.jpg toned obv 1951 p.jpg 1943-D obv 2nd one.jpg

    I'm always on the lookout for Trade Dollar varieties but did not have any luck this time. I did see a lot of nice bust halves in dealers cases, both raw and graded, from VF up to MS.
    I noticed one gentleman sitting behind a single, small case; he was in the process of selling his personal collection. He told me that he travelled to Europe fairly often and would buy coins while there. To my surprise, his case held a Bechtler dollar (cleaned, but hey a Bechtler at a local show?); an early half dime (1796 I think ) in NGC XF 40, looked original, a few obverse adjustment marks but a very nice look; and a pcgs PF 64 1870's half dollar. I was not prepared to pony up for any of those, but it just goes to show that you never know what will turn up.
    Another dealer had a really lovely toned MS66 Barber Half with a ton of luster, as well as a very choice "CircCam" bust dime (the STATESOFAMERICA one). raw, but problem free; I was tempted by that but budgetary limitations prevailed.

    I picked up 2 quarters I needed for my circulated, Library of Coins album set; and a coin that has eluded me for a while. I have a weakness for early Walkers in VF.
    1919-D obv.jpg 1919-D rev.jpg

    Saturday was a gorgeous day outdoors, so I was surprised to see such good attendance for the show. The Richmond Coin Club does a great job and the venue is spacious without being cavernous, and close to I95 and many restaurants and hotels.
    Y'all come !

    Sunday the tropical storm remnants moved through with wind and heavy rain, so I fear attendance was down. I hunkered down , I think we got about 3".
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    Nice toners! Thanks for the report I enjoyed it!

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