Ebay: (RIC 266) Vespasian Dupondius, 71 AD, Concordia Augusti (open till sold)

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    I recently purchased this Vespasian dupondius on MA Shops, from Kolner Munzkabinett in Germany. I am not a collector, per se, as this was to be my only ancient coin. I am selling it because it has a very dark patina, much darker than the seller's pictures, and whatever ancient coin I end up with will be displayed in the open, and this one is just too hard to see when it's not in hand.

    I've found another Vespasian that I'd like to buy, so I need to sell this one first.

    I love the coin otherwise - very well-centered, very solidly struck, and it doesn't appear to have any smoothing or tooling. It does have a light treatment of Ren Wax on it.

    Auction is here (video included): https://www.ebay.com/itm/124260536783
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