Reverse proof Roosevelt dime most significant coin of century.

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by bkozak33, May 4, 2015.

  1. bkozak33

    bkozak33 Collector

    Will it be the most significant coin of century? I say yes. This coin is amazing and will be talked about for generations.
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  3. Jwt708

    Jwt708 Well-Known Member


    It's hard to tell with you sometimes.:D:cool::cigar:
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  4. bdunnse

    bdunnse Who dat?

    Significantly overhyped?
  5. C-B-D

    C-B-D U.S. Type Coins or death!

    I think the gold Kennedy was... until it went from the top of the world to the bottom of the barrel. But the century is young if you're counting from 2000 on, so yeah, maybe.
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  6. statequarterguy

    statequarterguy Love Pucks

    Most probably the keys to the Roosy series. Very nice dimes to have at issue price rather than have to purchase down the road.

    "Most significant coin of century", that's to be seen - the century just started and the mint seems to out do itself each year.
  7. dwhiz

    dwhiz Collector Supporter

    Till the high reliefs come out later this year
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  8. C-B-D

    C-B-D U.S. Type Coins or death!

    I'll never forget being there for the gold Kennedy release in Chicago. I made SOOOOOO much money flipping that thing for a couple days, but it was an epic disaster in nearly every aspect. Plus I was exhausted from waiting on the sidewalks day and night. Good God, it was awful and awesome all at once.
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  9. statequarterguy

    statequarterguy Love Pucks

    Not all mint issues are winners, but in recent years most/many are. The gold Kennedy was high mintage for a gold coin, with high intrinsic cost and fewer collectors.
  10. jtlee321

    jtlee321 Well-Known Member

    They are absolutely going to be the keys to the Roosie series. At just 75,000 for a mintage. I wasn't about to stand by and let this one sell out at the mint. And to think that getting my set for free is the best.
  11. spock1k

    spock1k King of Hearts

    2 years a new dime made in gold will be super rare :D
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  12. Tom B

    Tom B TomB Everywhere Else

    I don't like them long term or short term.
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  13. C-B-D

    C-B-D U.S. Type Coins or death!

    I like Tom long term, but not short term...
  14. statequarterguy

    statequarterguy Love Pucks

    A gold Merc, but I don't see a gold Roosy. Either way, as with the Kennedy Halves, there's fewer gold collectors, so less of a numismatic premium, at least for now.
  15. KoinJester

    KoinJester Well-Known Member

    You actually think there are 75000 roosie collectors?
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  16. spirityoda

    spirityoda Coin Junky Supporter

    exactly how much money did you make on a coin ? was it really worth it ?
  17. statequarterguy

    statequarterguy Love Pucks

    Many more, every kid that comes into the shop has or is looking for a 1996-w.

    And, now that there's a couple really low mintage keys, there may be many more attracted to the series.
  18. jtlee321

    jtlee321 Well-Known Member

    Maybe not currently. But down the road. Any new collectors will want one. That's all it takes. The supply is limited and any future demand will help the prices.
  19. spirityoda

    spirityoda Coin Junky Supporter

    I plan on getting 2 reverse dimes and hold on to 1 of them forever. :cool:
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  20. C-B-D

    C-B-D U.S. Type Coins or death!

    I got 2 coins and cleared $3280 profit.
  21. Tom B

    Tom B TomB Everywhere Else

    My bearish take on this is that the 1950 and 1951 proof Roosevelt dime issues are already significantly smaller in terms of mintage than the proposed 75,000 for this coin while the 1952 is just about the same. Also, all three of these earlier proof Roosevelt dimes suffered from abuse and loss over the years, yet they can be had pretty inexpensively. To me, that does not bode well for the new pieces.
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