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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Wizank, Oct 4, 2023.

  1. Wizank

    Wizank Well-Known Member

    This Ethiopian coin is 80% gold, and was a "Presentation Coin" from Haile Selassie. It is a mule coin, never intended for circulation. It is in need of restoration and grading, but I have no clue where to get this work done or how much it will cost. Any experiences with these services? IMG_3212.jpg IMG_3213.jpg
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  3. Burton Strauss III

    Burton Strauss III Brother can you spare a trime? Supporter

    All four of the "big" TPGs offer restoration services - if it needs it.

    I'd first figure out what it is (I'm not finding that coin on Numista), and make sure which TPG(s) identify them the way you want it identified and will grade them.
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  4. TheNickelGuy

    TheNickelGuy Yippie I Oh

    I just wasted $59 (or close to that) on conservation while sending 18 coins to ANACS. I doubt they even noticed I paid it on my submission sheet. A couple of my Buffalo nickels should have been "conserved". I think I could have lifted or arrested some minute amounts of verdigris I saw on them but was afraid they would have come back "cleaned" if I gave it a try.
    I thought, they would be more forgiving of their own attempt and get me straight grades.
    No notes of any attempt to conserve any of my coins. I don't think ANACS even looked for opportunity to conserve anything or that they even noticed that I paid the extra money.
    I say don't do it with ANACS anyway.
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  5. ldhair

    ldhair Clean Supporter

    I trust NGC/NCS the most but you would need to be sure that they will holder this exact coin. They will probably want to see the coin in hand before saying if they will work on it or holder it.
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