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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Romancollector, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. Romancollector

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    I was just wondering if anyone knows about registration for auction houses. I've only ever bid on coins through Heritage, but I would like to also bid through CNG and Bertolami. However, I noticed for the latter two that dealer/auction house references are required to get an account. I'm a little confused as to what this means. Do I need dealers/auction houses (which is currently just Heritage) to submit proof of my purchases or that I am a client? I believe Bertolami requires 3 auction houses which may be a problem for me (I only have 2, if I include my recent purchase at Stacks-Bowers store in NYC, which was not from their auctions).

    Your help is appreciated.
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  3. Roman Collector

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    No, you just tell them which dealers you have purchased from in the past. Other auction houses are nice, but if you have simply purchased coins from a retail dealer, you may use them as references.

    You don't have to submit proof; you simply have to say these are the dealers I've done business with.
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  4. Romancollector

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  5. Nvb

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    Not much more to add here.
    Any dealer you have bought through will suffice as a reference..
    With the amount of quality coins passing through the top auction houses, registering is just a fact of life and you won't regret it..
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