WTS: *reduced* Two ANACS Photo Certificate MS65/65 Morgans with holders

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    I have my eye on a couple of other coins and don't really need these 2 pieces. Both are ANACS photo certificate coins. One has some nice subtle toning and the other is white and reflective. I have verified that both coins shown on the certificate are the same ones I have.

    The First is an 1879-S Morgan. This coin is really nice and comes with the red velvet bag for the holder. Looking for $140.

    SC_0092.JPG SC_0094.JPG SC_0096.JPG SC_0097.JPG

    The 2nd one is a 1883 Morgan dollar, also MS65/65 in one of the old Vinyl holders. I couldn't capture the toning well in the pictures, but it is nice in hand. I am looking for $125 for this coin.

    SC_0103.JPG SC_0107.JPG SC_0110.JPG SC_0112.JPG
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