Recent Pick-ups: Purchased Raw and Received Back Graded!

Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by marbury518, Dec 20, 2020.

  1. marbury518

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    So I have a 1707 Plain Angles, rare Crown in AU50. The date is the sharpest I have ever seen and the reverse overall looks stunning. Some wear on the obverse cheek of Anne.

    The 1746 Proof was only issued in sets and only 100 sets were issued. Despite having been historically cleaned it does NOT have the general reflective appearance of being so. I hoped for an AU details, but it is what it is. Interestingly, it is 41 mm diameter and this threw me initially, as Crowns are 39 mm. The proof issue is slightly larger. The camera date is incorrect and scans were taken 20th December 2020.

    Best, Marbury, UK 100_5038.JPG 100_5037.JPG 100_5036.JPG 100_5035.JPG 100_5031.JPG 100_5032.JPG 100_5033.JPG
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  3. ksparrow

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    nice looking coins!
  4. COOPER12

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  5. marbury518

    marbury518 Marbury

    Nice and quite nice on the valuations thus far lol
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