Recent IHC pickups :)

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by William F, May 8, 2021.

  1. William F

    William F Well-Known Member

    Got a few nice mid-grade examples to replace some of my fillers :) 20210508_123650.jpg 20210508_123804.jpg 20210508_123644.jpg 20210508_123010.jpg 20210508_123044.jpg 20210508_123245.jpg
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  3. SensibleSal66

    SensibleSal66 Casual Collector / error expert "in Training "

    Nice William , Very Nice . Always entertained by an Indian . Never mind 6 of them . :happy:
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  4. William F

    William F Well-Known Member

    I opened the package and was pleasantly surprised when I saw the 1883 with toning, you can only see the colors in certain lighting and the seller had not taken a picture of it in the right light so I had no idea what was coming, it just looked brown in his pics, Nice to be surprised every now and then... :)
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  5. J.T. Parker

    J.T. Parker Well-Known Member

    IMO Small Cent-wise, the only thing neater than a set of 'Wheaties' is a set of 'Indians'
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  6. JimsOkay

    JimsOkay Member

  7. 1stSgt22

    1stSgt22 Well-Known Member

    Very nice IHC's. Where did you buy them? LCS, eBay, online dealer?
  8. William F

    William F Well-Known Member

    They were all on the bay, these are the best out of a couple different lots I won :)
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  9. William F

    William F Well-Known Member

    Whole-heartedly agree!! The design is so simple, yet so elegant at the same time... :)
    Old coin designs are loads cooler than the ones we have now in circulation :(
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  10. J.T. Parker

    J.T. Parker Well-Known Member

    My IHC Story:
    My friend Billy and fellow coin collector, the one I ended up doing his collection's appraisal for his widow. (see full story in 'Eddie...What I've Got Here?'...thread)
    He came home with 300 IHC he had bought from a Vietnamese Jewelry shop (?) He had gotten the price down to 30¢ each and paid the guy $100 for the lot. Billy wanted one of my Krause-Mishler World Coin catalogues (1997) so for a trade, he allowed me to pick out 50, after he had gone through them and gotten the ones he wanted.
    What I couldn't believe was all the later dated coins that were obviously Au-Unc and had 90%-95% red..I recall asking him if he had missed those and he demurred. So, I ended up with 23 beautiful red IHC's in AU-UNC condition, dating from 1900 - 1906..and some earlier dates (1887-1899) in XF. Unfortunately, because I was buying and selling, I had to sell all of them...Woulda, shoulda, coulda...
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  11. Collecting Nut

    Collecting Nut Borderline Hoarder

    Very nice way to build your set. Love the 1883 with the toning. I think that’s too nice for an album. Congratulations!
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  12. Omegaraptor

    Omegaraptor Gobrecht / Longacre Enthusiast

    Love IHCs. One of my favorite series, but I mostly collect them by die variety.

    The green gunk on the 1862 might come off with acetone. Looks like heavy PVC residue or something similar.
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  13. William F

    William F Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the suggestion! I hadn't decided yet whether I was going to try got get it off or just leave it... In a way, it adds to the history of the coin, some people might want their coins to be as clean as possible but I'm not terribly picky about it and I think it looks neat. ;) I might just leave it on there....
  14. William F

    William F Well-Known Member

    I agree, and I'm actually not going to put it in an album... I'm in the middle of working on building a coin display case for my entire penny collection (1794 - present)
    It's coming along nicely and I will be sure to post some pics here when I am done with it :)
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  15. Collecting Nut

    Collecting Nut Borderline Hoarder

    Sounds great and I would love to see it when you’re finished.
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