Real 1957 ptas 5 piece coin

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Nick41324, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. Nick41324

    Nick41324 New Member

    In the star it says 1957. I have two of them and I wanted to know how much there worth. I also have many others through 57-75. Could you just please tell me what there worth? Thanks
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  3. Collect89

    Collect89 Coin Collector

    Post a photo please

    Hello Nick,

    I will be glad to help if you can post a photograph or be more specific about what you are asking. I'm assuming you have a coin from Spain that is dated 1957 and it might be a 5 Pesetas? Is this correct? The standard issue 5 Peseta coin would be 23mm diameter and it will have Francisco Franco on the obverse & a flying eagle & crown on the reverse. If this is all correct, then what you have was minted from 1957 through 1975 and all the coins have 1957 on them. This is called a frozen date. The Spanish mint made bazillions of them and in average circulated condition; they are valued below $1.

    You mentioned a star. If you are referring to the star placed to the left of the eagle, then you undoubtedly know that this location either has a "star" or it has "BA". In this case, you would not be naive as to the catalog value of the piece. Some of the earlier dates (1957 for example with the star) are quite collectable and catalog value is like $100 or more in average circulated condition. Uncirculated star pieces catalog for a couple hundred dollars.

    BTW, Welcome to the forum.
  4. Nick41324

    Nick41324 New Member

    there ya go

    there ya go. im not sure if im doing this right.


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  5. Conder101

    Conder101 Numismatist

    True but they have the actual date of issue incused into the star. From what he says I assume the star on his is incused with 57 making it a true 1957 and first year of issue.
  6. Nick41324

    Nick41324 New Member

    Btw... im sorry but i double checked the numbers inside of the star and none of them were 1957. these are all 5 piece ptas coins. Those little numbers above the coins are the dates inside the stars the years are... Year-How Many:

    I know this is alot and i do not what so ever expect you to tell me what they all worth but if you could give me some information about it that would be fantastic. Btw i got all these from my aunt. She came by my house the other day and droped off a bag full of all sorts of coins. Some called... una peseta, and i have acouple of them. She also gave me a Winston Churchhill coin from 1965, 2shillings (years:49,67,66) a 25 piece ptas (the date is unreadable but its from the year 57-75) and thats about it. She game me some other ones like 10,5,1,.5 francs.

  7. Nick41324

    Nick41324 New Member

    Oah and a 50 piece ptas year 1958. I thought this would be worth the most...
  8. Nick41324

    Nick41324 New Member

    Well at first i thought the number inside the star said 1957 but after i reviewed it closer i noticed it wasnt.

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