WTS: Raw Morgan's for Sale

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    Changing collecting habits means I'm selling my raw Morgan Silver Dollars for graded Dollars.

    PM me for better pictures, opinions/thoughts, offers etc... All coins are listed as *Make Offer*

    Grades are only of my opinion of course, if you see different and can prove me wrong, please do.

    1891-S AU-58 $Make Offer
    20180704_194640-1-1.jpg 20180704_194726-1.jpg

    1897-O AG-3/G-4 $Make Offer
    20180704_194406.jpg 20180704_194429.jpg

    1904-O MS-61 $Make Offer
    20180704_194900.jpg 20180704_194947.jpg

    1921-P MS-60 $Make Offer

    1921-D AU-55 $Make Offer

    Also have a 1921-S VF-30 $Make Offer
    **Pics unavailable at this time due to CT's file upload limitations. Sorry!**

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