Rare late Sasanian of Hormazd V

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    Here's another recent auction win:
    Hormazd V.jpg
    Sasanian Kingdom. AR drachm (32mm, 3.78g). Hormazd V (631-2 AD). Obverse: Bust right (very similar to Khusro II), name Auhurmazdi in front. Reverse: Fire-altar with two attendants, to left date Year 2, to right mintmark WYHC (probably Veh-az-Amid-Kavad in Fars Province). Gobl 230-231. Classical Numismatic Group, E-sale 413, lot 237.

    Hormazd V (also called Farrukh Hormazd) originally was a noble during the reign of Khusro II (590-628 AD). He was born into one of the Seven Parthian Clans, a group of noble families with origins in the Parthian period, and is known to have been a spahbad (high military commander) in northern Persia. In 628, he took part in the conspiracy of nobles that overthrew and later murdered Khusro II. This set off a very disordered period of Persian history, with multiple short-lived leaders claiming the right to rule. Hormazd V joined in, and his base of power seems to have been in Fars or Media based on the mints of coins issued in his name. He proposed a marriage alliance to Queen Azarmidokht, another rival ruler, but she sent the rather strong rejection of having him killed. Hormazd's son, Rustam Farrukhzad, then avenged his father by killing Azarmidokht. This disordered period came at the worst possible time for the Sasanian kingdom, as it left the country, already weakened by war with the Byzantines, vulnerable to the advancing armies of Islam.

    You may have noticed that this coin looks very much like a drachm of Khusro II. The most reliable way to tell them apart is by reading the name of the king, in front of the bust. Coins of Hormazd V are fairly rare, which is understandable considering his brief reign. Please post your post-Khusro II Sasanians here.
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  3. panzerman

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    Beautifull coin!

    Great history on the period also, thanks for sharing:happy:
  4. pfitzner

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    Azarmigdukht (631 AD). AR drachm (34 mm, 4.12 g, 3h).
    Like all other coins of this queen, it is struck from recut dies, in this case of her father, Khusro II. She also used dies of the beardless boy king, Khusro III. Azarmidukht.jpg
  5. dougsmit

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    oa1050fd2434.jpg oa1080bb2600.jpg
  6. pfitzner

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    Khusro III, WYHC, year 2. Khusro_III.jpg
  7. Alegandron

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    COOL Write-up and history @Parthicus . I am always amazed by the interesting design and broad flans on these coins!

    ...OH, RATS! Mine is JUST before your cut-off date!

    Persia Sassanian Ardashir III 628-629 CE AR Drachm 36mm 3.85g Zoroastrian Fire Alter Gobl II-1 yr 2 Delta RARE
  8. ancient coin hunter

    ancient coin hunter in hoc signo vinces

    Great coin @Parthicus - I don't own any Sassanian types but may acquire some soon to balance out my Byzantines of the period.
  9. arashpour

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    Hi All

    I recently got a shapur I coin from a dealer and not sure its cast or authentic. the flan is 25 mm and weight is 4.13 gram. I appreciate your opinion. 20180310_074251.jpg 20180310_074414.jpg
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