RAISED ridge around Kenned's head.

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  1. IMG_20231025_223825698.jpg IMG_20231025_223825698.jpg I have just gone through 2 boxes of half dollar coins and I found a LOT of Kennedy half dollar coins that have a raised ridge around Kennedy 's head. I have also many that same/similar raised ridge is on the reverse. This is 100% *NOT" what many coins have scraped into them from coin rolling machines. This is definitely from the moment of the coins being stamped out. I can't find anything online so I figured I'd ask it here.....What is it/are they? ...and What caused it/them? Thank you
    PS. Apologies for the bad pictures but even though my phone SHOULD take AWESOME pictures it CLEARLY (Is that a 'pun'?) doesn't .

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  3. Kentucky

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    Wow, those are really terrible photos. Stabilize your camera/phone on a can or something and take the photos at 90 degrees with decent lighting. Kind of looks like a PID or Progressive Indirect Transfer which means the other side of the coin design has distorted the die on the opposite side (but I might be wrong)
  4. l.cutler

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    Impossible to say anything from those pictures. I can't even be sure it is a Kennedy half.
  5. Here is a better picture

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  6. Here is a better picture.

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  7. Here is a better picture

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  8. Pickin and Grinin

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    Cupro nickel is extremely an extremely hard metal to strike. As the dies wear out the surface of the die begin to wear, this could be a die deterioration type doubling or a slight ghosting, indirect design transfer from the reverse. Take a look at the reference below.
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  9. alurid

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  10. SensibleSal66

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    Yup! Both of these dudes are correct. thumb.gif
  11. Burton Strauss III

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    Honestly even the "better picture" could be a potato.
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  12. desertgem

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    With the lettering touching or almost touching the rim is die deterioration, so that is probably a part of it.
  13. Collecting Nut

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    What I see from the better photos stands out as the coin was struck by a worn die. That’s very common and not an error.
  14. Lol. .Good one☺️☺️lol
  15. Thank you☺️☺️.
  16. Thank you and awesome link (especially the dime) it definitely makes total rational sense and does resemble the (MANY) Kennedy halves I have found (which also makes sense that its from die deterioration) My one thing that still doesn't make sense is that the lines on the heads side don't match up to any of what's stamped on the reverse.....I thinklol. I have compared them to the die clash overlays but also I don't see anything that lines up. (But I'm old and I very well could just be missing in it.lol). I'm gonna see if there are any overlays but not upside down ones. If you know of any please share that with me too Either way thanx again☺️
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  17. Thank you very much for that great link. Same as someone else. Lol. Great minds think alike. Lol. I will send you close to what I did that other person. I really can agree because it makes 100 % total rational sense (especially the dime) because it looks almost exactly as the (MANY) Kennedy halves I have found...which also makes sense because there are so many of them...so die deterioration...yes. My one thing that doesn't make sense is that the lines on the heads don't line up with anything on the reverse.(I thinklol) I also don't see anything that lines up in the die clash overlays. I could very well be mistaken and even though 100% yes that information in the link makes sense except nothing that's stamped on the reverse matches up to those lines on the heads‍lol. I am going to look and see if there are any overlays that aren't upside down. If you know of any please also share that with me too.
    Either way thank you again☺️
  18. Actually it is what it is die deterioration and it's so very common so whether they line up or not..... not important lol....thank you again ☺️
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  19. Thank you☺️
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    You were thinking you had money, huh? Lol.
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  21. Kentucky

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    Don't we all at one time or another...
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