WTS: Rainbow Toned Mission Medal

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    I have now completed my Mission Medal set and am now selling off some of my duplicates I accumulated along the way.

    Right now I am selling one of my wildly toned examples. It is solid silver 41.5 mm. This puppy is amazing in hand (much better than photos show). Graded MS67 by NGC. Price is $99 firm with free shipping. Payment by PayPal friend transfer. I am very confident that you will love this. If you don't like it, I will offer a free three-day return privilege (you just pay return mail).

    I also have other duplicate toned Mission Medals from this series for sale if interested. Just let me know.

    IMG_20181010_104724570_HDR.jpg IMG_20181010_104722267_HDR.jpg IMG_20181010_104716894.jpg IMG_20181010_104707084_HDR.jpg IMG_20181010_104658840_HDR.jpg IMG_20181010_104656233.jpg IMG_20181010_104654318_HDR.jpg IMG_20181010_104605471.jpg IMG_20181010_104600891_HDR.jpg

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