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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by usarmygirlcoins, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. usarmygirlcoins

    usarmygirlcoins New Member

    i been collecting us coins for 2 yrs i love morgan dollars specially when they are rainbow toned. i seen many at coin shows but seen morgans that are colorfull but sell 5 times more then the book value.so i been trying to buy on ebay im new on ebay trading and have my eyes on some rainbow morgans there are 2 raw coins they are very pretty listed on ebay the seller is vere7777 how do you bid or reccomend tips on winning ??what should be my highest bid if i really want them if you of any books about trading rainbow coins or tips to win the coins i like please let me know or let me know what you think about these coins do you think ngc would put a star on it I LOVE STAR COINS any info will be great thank you all folks
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  3. Speedy

    Speedy Researching Coins Supporter

    Would you mind posting links to the auctions you are looking at?
    A few tips on toned coins.....there can be real toning and fake toning----most of the time fake is called AT and real is NT.....I'm still learning how to tell them apart but if I were you and liked toning like this I wouldn't buy any untill I could better tell if it was real.

    The * that NGC puts on coins is for coins with GREAT eye appeal....that is total up to NGC and no one knows if they will use it or not.

    If the coin is AT then NGC would body bag it as fake toning....if you are talking about this coin.....

    Something looks wrong....I don't know what but I would think that the other side would have a little toning....and not just be blast white like it is.

    You say you have collected for 2 years so like myself (5+ year collector) am still new and learning.
    I would suggest 3 things.....
    Read read read---books on Morgan dollars since that is what you like and grading.
    Read as much as you can on this forum and ask questions.
    Read read read!

    A tip I have on bidding on ebay is to bring up 2 pages to the same thing......type in you bid click bid...then it will bring up a page and ask you to sign in....do that and then it will take you to another page that ask you to check you bid once more....NOW DON'T click yes....leave it right there and go to the other page you have up of the same item......just keep refreshing that page untill it gets down to about 20-30sec....then go back to your other page and hit BID....then your bid gets placed and most of the time you win and you don't have to pay some fee for a Sniper!!

  4. Becky

    Becky Darkslider


    What to pay for original toned MS Morgans......impossible to answer. I've seen them go for 100X book value, or nothing over book. The question comes down to only one thing, how much are you willing to pay? Do you want that coin more than the other people do? There is no price guide for toning. There will never be a price guide for toning, it is impossible to judge what is subjective. Bid what you are willing to pay. ;)
  5. dgoose50

    dgoose50 New Member

    As with any coin;it is worth what YOU are willing to pay for it.I would never pay 5 times dealer value ;but others will and do,especially at coin shows.If future resale is not a concern for you; pay what your heart and mind tell you.Toned coins may even gain in status in the future years,but who knows?I, however would not buy these type of coins on ebay: Iwould want to hold it in my hand and eyeball it myself!
  6. usarmygirlcoins

    usarmygirlcoins New Member

  7. usarmygirlcoins

    usarmygirlcoins New Member

  8. zaneman

    zaneman Former Moderator

    That seller I'm 99% certain has artificially toned coins. I would stear clear, unless you can buy the coins for around grey sheet.
  9. coininspector

    coininspector New Member

    Toning is a natural process that takes many years to occur. When Morgan Dollars were produced at the mint, they were stored loose in bags of 1,000. The bags had a high sulfur content in the material (the same kind of sulfur content with those stored in heavy paper rolls by banks), and when the bags were stored, unmoved, for a long period of time, those coins in contact with the material would change color or “tone.” Toning produces many kinds of coloration on the surface of the Morgan Dollar and each coin tones differently in pattern and color. Toned coins demand a premium in the market. The more pleasing the toning, the higher the price demanded. I have paid as much as four to five times over the market value for beautifully toned Morgan Dollars. So, it looks like you are the one with the good eye for coins.The coins on the link look great to me they are not heavly colored or corroded they look very natural plus most artificial toning usually is on both sides these 2 are 1 sided toned i think they are fantastic + they look gem bu ms65 maybe even 66 goodluck
  10. ngohin1

    ngohin1 New Member

    Hi usarmygirlcoins,,,
    i collect morgans since 4/5 years and still learning about collecting U.S. coins but one important thing i learn and keep in my mind is that when you start to collect coins, you have to collect them certified because you will have less misadventure and better toned morgans with a certificate of quality and authenticity. that's why, i have still my fist uncirculated and very tone morgans with me just to say me back that the better way to collect is with certified coins because some of them was artificially toned, the rest of my collection are certified so... and after that, it's better to buy certified for the business!!! ahahahahah
    Like zaneman, i saw your ebay morgan you expect to bid, and even they are pretty, i think that the tone is not really authentic, maybe i say something wrong but i can give the same tone with my blowpipe so ....
    after read read and read again several books and also learn with others collector and appréciations, i think you will have more and more experience and better good eye to see the one is good and the one is fake!!!!
    one other thing, if you like this morgan on ebay and if the coin is ( maybe ) artificially toned but still like it, take it because the fist thing is to have fun to bid and to have your coin, because the fist thing in collecting coin is to have fun to research and find what you want to have !!!!!

    hope to help you

    ps : try to wait the last minute before bid ( better way to keep your money) and if the bid start and continue to be high, maybe you will be right about your morgan!!!!! but remember that on ebay, you can have everything even guy who bid very high for fake toning!!!!
  11. GDJMSP

    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    Howdy coininspector - Welcome to the Forum !!

    I'd readily agree with everything you said - except the first sentence. Yeah, it can take years for a coin to tone, but it doesn't have to take years. I've watched it happen in a couple of months. Given the right conditions and in the right environment, it can even happen in a couple of days.
  12. ozland tiger

    ozland tiger Senior Member

    I would reccommend that if you are buying toned coins

    from E-bay...buy only PCGS or NGC graded coins. Personally, I would never purchase raw coins from E-bay. There are too many scammers. You just never know.
    I have collected Morgans for forty years.
    These may be genuine toned coins, you are looking a, but more probably not. Save your money and buy third party graded coins. NGC and PCGS are the most respected third party graders from my vantage point. There are others. In my experience, I find NGC is most consistent with grading Morgans. PCGS while also very good tends to be colorphobic.
    Good luck to you.
  13. shadowangel

    shadowangel New Member

    Rainbows are the best.
  14. ngohin1

    ngohin1 New Member

    don't forget ANACS !!!!
    they are pretty good too!!!
    and you 're right, better to buy certified than uncertified !!!
  15. Richard01

    Richard01 Senior Member

    Those are AT morgans in my opinion. Definately AT. Before buying toned coins, do research! Go to the sites that focus on toning and read and look at pictures. You can end up spending a lot of money on coins that are not only not worth a premium, but are considered damaged...
    Buy carefully.
  16. jandj

    jandj New Member

    To me it's like finding a nice coin for sell that is in perfect condition exept for the hole through it because someone made a necklace out of it:rolling: Or the Buffalo nickel I still have ( because it's a Buffalo nickel ) that I would grade in AU condition, that some (beep) gold plated! And didn't even do a good job when they applied the gold. It depends on what you want. I do not rely on toning at all. It actually scares me away.
    For instance if a Lincoln cent increases in value because it is Deep Red, this is quickly done with AT, so I can never buy one based on that criteria. I think a very important thing to do when shopping on Ebay is to look at the discription they give for the coin. I mixed feelings between Anger and Humor when the discription says " Stunning Blazer! Magnificant, Rare! Unique Toning, ect. . Then you look at the Sellers other Items and find..................50 more Uniquely Toned Coins. Sorry but I will not Bite. Cleaned Coins used to be the #1 way to destroy the Value of a nice coin. They think they have found another way to increase thier selling price, and they would be right as long as people buy from them. Thing is those beautiful coins are being destroyed! Now I must say that there ARE natural toned coins out there, and lots of them. You must be the Judge, and as others have said , Please do the research.
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