Question about Mylar and PVC sleeves being compatible...

Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by killswitch95, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. killswitch95

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    So in regards to my previous post here: obviously yes I will need some Mylar sleeves, but I happen to like the semi rigid nature of the PVC sleeves I have and have noticed that it seems most mylar sleeves are thin and very flexible, something I don't really like...

    So my question is: Provided I do it right, could I store the banknote in the Mylar to protect it, and put the banknote/Mylar in the semi-rigid PVC to protect the Mylar and give it some rigidity?

    And if possible I have another question, if the Mylar sleeve is well big enough for the note but just a tad too big to fit in the rigid holder can I trim it to still protect the notes surface, but fit in the rigid holder?

    Because what I am looking at getting is the Pack of 10 Lighthouse Premium Mylar #160 US Small Modern Dollar Bill Sleeves ( and from reading the description it seems as though they open at the top and sides and act as a sort of sheet that folds in two places like one would fold a piece of paper into a third of its original size, so the idea of open sides is putting me off...

    If it's not an option then can anyone point me to a pack of Mylar sleeves that are open on the long end, but not the sides or bottom? As I've been looking but cannot seem to find them, or I overlook them, Keep in mind that I am on a bit of a budget and a small pack of 10 to 20 would be best...
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  3. desertgem

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    Get mylar sleeves for the bills and go to Walmart or someplace ( maybe your kitchen cabinets) and find some food storage quality plastic container with a seal lid that the mylar can fit into, or perhaps several shapes/sizes. Paranoid collectors ( most are) can use plastic zip locks for a batch of mylar /bills for even more atmospheric protection. Jim
  4. Dave M

    Dave M Francophiliac

    Take a look at Denly's for Mylar sleeves that are open only on one side. Typically I put mine through a paper cutter to make them just a bit larger than the banknote, so I end up with two sides (top+right) that are open, and the other two sealed. I leave a bit of space on the side for a label, too.

  5. killswitch95

    killswitch95 New Member

    Okay, so even though I already have some of these semi-rigid PVC protectors, don't put the Mylar in them because they will still damage the notes, so instead get a food quality plastic bag or container?
  6. masterswimmer

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  7. mpcusa

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    My best advice is to store in Mylar and then put it in to a rigid sleeve
    Of your choosing, as long as the material contacting the actual note
    Is Mylar you will be ok :) , PVC holders will break down over time, and
    Yellow, harden and then crack so using them as the actual contact
    Point for your note isnt the best idea.
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