Question about a Parthian drachm

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by ambr0zie, May 16, 2022.

  1. ambr0zie

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    Hello ladies and gentlemen,
    Last month I bought a Parthian drachm in an auction.
    I see Parthian coins in almost every auction and adding an example was one of my secondary targets. I liked this one, the price was decent, so why not.


    This is not my area at all so identifying it has been a challenge.
    I found this excellent website that helped a lot ... but I am still unsure about my coin.

    Auction house attribution - Vologases III AD 105-147.
    But from what I understand, the square beard indicates a different ruler.
    Artabanus II? (type 63)
    Any help from specialists is greatly appreciated.
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  3. Mat

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    I think....

    Artabanos IV (10 - 38 A.D)
    AR Drachm
    O: Bare-headed, left, w/4-strand diadem, 2 loops and 3 ribbons; medium-long, almost straight hair, mustache, long square-cut beard; earring, 3-turn necklace; tunic/cuirass.
    R: Archer, right, on throne, w/bow in vise-like outstretched hand; below bow monogram; 7-line legend: BΛCIΛEΩC BΛCIΛEΩN ΛPCΛNOΔ EVEPΓETO(V) ΔIXAIOV (E)ΠIΦΛNOYC ΦIΛEΛΛXOC.
    Ekbatana Mint
    Sellwood 63.6, Shore 341, Sunrise 412 (Artabanos IV)
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  4. ambr0zie

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