Question about 1840 India rupee with S&W type reference

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Jimski, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. Jimski

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    Can anyone please explain what the S&W reference refers to for the coin in the attached photo? I never heard of this reference before. Is there an internet site with details of this reference?

    The type 1840(B&C) India rupee W.W. 28 berries is not listed in my Krause 6th addition. Krause lists 2 types of 1840 W.W. rupees

    · Km# 458.2 described as 1840 28 berries, large diamonds, Calcutta Mint

    · Km# 458.3 described as 1840 27 berries, Bombay Mint.

    The KM# 458.3 coins that I’ve seen, have 28 berries by my count, not 27. So I’m confused about this berry count.

    If anyone has a photo of a KM#458.3 with 27 berries, I would sure like to see it.
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  3. Jimski

    Jimski Well-Known Member

    I finally had a search that resolved my question. The S&W reference refers to the book:
    The Uniform Coinage of India 1835-1947: A Catalogue and Pricelist Spi Edition by Paul Stevens (Author), Randy Weir (Author).

    Publisher: Spink Books; Spi edition (December 31, 2012)

    This catalogue provides an authoritative guide to the different major coinages of William IV, Victoria, Edward VII, George V and George VI, with detailed colour illustrations of each coin. This work is based upon that of Major Pridmore (The Coins of the British Commonwealth of Nations. Part 4 India) and has been authored by Dr Paul Stevens and Randy Weir. The authors aim to share their wealth of knowledge, experience and passion for these coins with collectors both old and new.

    The above info is from Amazon, where I purchased it.

    Since NGC is using it as a reference, I assume that the info in this book supersedes the Krause “World Coins”.

    I'm anxious to see if there will be a 27 berry version (as described in Krause) of the 1840 W.W. rupee in this reference. I suspect not. ... The book is in the post for now.
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