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  1. Detecto92

    Detecto92 Well-Known Member

    Since so many halves has been gone through I wonder if quarters would be a more viable option?
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  3. bhaugh

    bhaugh AKA - 1872Hokie

    From what I've heard, and from my experience (although not very extensive), quarters have been the least silver producing of the rolls lately. Some will say that maybe dimes are a good option.
    To think of it logically, quarters are some of the most heavily circulated coins (certainly the most heavily used of the silver producing rolls) and so they are extremely picked through. Doesn't mean you can't get lucky though. My dad said at their cafeteria for work someone asked for a dollar worth of change to buy a soda and they were given four silver quarters in change. The roll had just been opened so he bought the whole role, all of it was silver...
  4. Kanderus

    Kanderus Active Member

    My personal experience actually favors quarters, but I think I was just lucky. I have found 5 silver quarters in circulation. I have found 5 40% halves and 4 dimes. The thing is, I have gone through WAY MORE dimes and halves than I have quarters. However, these results are NOT typical.

    Also, I once read a story about a guy here on cointalk who was waiting for a bank to open so he could grab a box of quarters. Apparently he was a couple minutes late to the bank, and the owner of a local gas station had popped in just before him. As the cointalker was walking into the bank the gas station owner was walking out. This was his SECOND box of quarters. The teller then told the cointalker that the guy who was just walking out had bought a box of quarters earlier and the WHOLE box was silver quarters. THE WHOLE THING. Apparently the guy buys boxes of change for his business and when he saw his first box he knew not to use it!
  5. Atreides

    Atreides New Member

    I really hate quarters, but I tend to notice that I almost always end up getting BWR of them and very few CWR.

    I only started keeping detailed stats on my coin roll hunting, but I can tell you I haven't found any quarters in over 237 rolls. I usually only get 2-6 rolls of Qs a day though, I am guessing if I was doing whole boxes I would have better luck.

    Still, I kinda question why I still bother with quarters at all, considering the only interesting thing I've found in months is a 1968 proof quarter. I guess it would be fun for someone trying to put together a 50 state or ATB album but I even have trouble finding D mintmarks of Territory quarters on the east coast.

    It almost feels like all the new quarter designs (and the fact that quarters are so widely circulated/used) have essentially flooded circulation, making it hard to find a single item out of so many variations, especially something like silver which is rare enough to begin with. I guess it's a lot easier to spot a silver quarter by the rim than it is than dimes, too.
  6. kookoox10

    kookoox10 ANA #3168546

    Every since the release of the state quarters, in which the mint produced millions upon billions of the stuff. There have been less and less silvers found in rolls, the state quarters watered down everything to the point where finding one silver in a case, let alone two or three is next to impossible.
  7. NOS

    NOS Former Coin Hoarder

    Bought 50 rolls of quarters yesterday, 22 BWR and 28 CWR. As usual a few of the CWR rolls were short but quite a few of them were over 1 or 2 quarters. I ended up having $3.50 extra after the rolls were rerolled with their proper amounts. Not bad at all. I found a 1977 50 Lira Italian coin, a Mint BU 1976 Bicentenial and an uncirculated 1982D quarter which is a pretty nice find as these are somewhat rare due to the fact that Mint Sets weren't made in 1982.
  8. Hellofthenorth

    Hellofthenorth New Member

    What a great lunch!

    Last night my wife informs me there is a puddle of water in the basement at about 9 pm. I go down to check it out and see water dripping from the ceiling. First thought that comes to mind is that either my daughter dumped the dogs water bowl and no one told me or the dogs themselves did it. Come to find out after inspecting, the fridge's ice maker line has a pinhole in it and is leaking water all over and has ruined my floating wood floor.

    So I try and make a quick repair but it's only temporary enough so the water is not going everywhere now. I take off for lunch and visit my buddy at the hardware store, he hooks me up with what I need and I pay the $4.24 and get my change and I hear the sweet sound of silver, that's right a BU 1963 Washington! I show him and he say's "that's worth $6", pretty smart for not being a CRHer. We looked through the other quarters but nothing else.

    1963Q.jpg 1963Q2.jpg
    Giddy up
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