WTS: Ptolemy Tetradrachms at best offer

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    I’m looking to sell these Ptolemy Tetradrachms all at best offer.

    First coin is of Ptolemy II B58ECEA7-14AF-4D0F-B4BB-DE8BD659804C.jpeg 36E9BA19-A0A8-4091-85B9-81733CA9BF0C.jpeg
    Second coin is also of Ptolemy II 69C779F8-82AC-4338-B2AC-9BC485C8CF56.jpeg 33ABA5C6-D412-443D-A500-8F83855BA993.jpeg
    Third coin is of Ptolemy XII 89BB0710-A5DD-4D43-A6E3-3DFF7E941850.jpeg 577D856A-E878-443D-8CBF-A6ECF3DC7AAD.jpeg
    I will also consider fair trades for any of the following coins: owl Tetradrachm, Julius Caesar elephant denarius, Aegina Turtle Stater, Phillip II Tetradrachm, Ptolemy Octobol, Ionia Tetradrachm bee and stag, Sicily, Akragas Ar didrachm, U.S Type coins, Saint Gaudens double eagle.

    Thanks for looking and please P.M me if you have any interest.
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