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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Jwt708, Jul 12, 2018.

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    Let's see if this works...

    I saw on the Facebook that Ptolemy AE website is attempting to track down a particular coin listed in Svoronos:

    Not sure about the link, but here's the text copied:

    Svoronos 1387 - A mystery 'ghost' coin type - And a challenge to all who are interested in Ptolemaic bronze coins...
    The photo here is Svoronos 1238, a little 2nd C. BC Ptolemaic bronze coin type with Isis on the obverse and the 'head-reverted' eagle on the reverse (with a fileted cornucopiae at the eagle's right shoulder). It's a pretty common type, about 18mm diameter and about 4.25 grams weight. Svoronos also catalogued a nearly identical type (Sv 1387) with a PI-A monogram to the left of the eagle (letter 'A' inscribed inside/under a letter 'PI', as seen on very common Sv 1384 and some others). If anyone can verify that there actually is such a coin type it will be gratefully acknowledged in an upcoming publication. No verifiable specimens have been found and Svoronos, alas, did not illustrate any. Several that Svoronos listed have been checked and found to *not* have the monogram. So far Sv 1387 is a 'ghost' - so let us know if you can verify that one even really exists. We haven't been able to check the two specimens that Svoronos listed as being in Munich. If you have access to the Staatsmuseum Munchen collection maybe you can check if there really are two specimens of Sv 1387 there. The idea here is to 'crowd-source' the search for a mysterious coin type that has fooled scholars for a century and might not even really exist... Thanks for your help.


    Here is their website:

    I'm just trying to spread the word. Not my site...but wish they were my coins!
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    Thanks for sharing @Jwt708
    I can only hope that this means that Catherine Lorber will be publishing a volume on Ptolemaic bronze coins soon. It's taken years for the volume on silver to come out and it will finally be released July 14th!
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