Provenance ID Athena tetra - Spink Auction 1152 lot 325..?

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by larssten, Aug 15, 2022.

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    Trying to identify this old Spink tag. Could anyone help?

    The first side of the tag seems to say: SPINK Attica ATHENS c.440 (AD). AR 4 dr (drachma). 17,17 g.

    The reverse of the tag I am more unsure of. Seems to be from auction 1152 lot 325 or auction 1161, but not sure. Here are the contents of the reverse side of the tag:
    - Circled P: ?
    - P / 170: ?
    - A 1161: Auction number?
    - ex 1152 / 325: Most likely auction and lot number
    - I U L + 2 1/2: Not sure - perhaps price realized...?

    I have not quite fully understood the auction numbering at Spink having coins sold at auction in 2010 with auction number 1012.

    Anyway, would be happy with any comments helping me to ID when the coin was sold , if anyone has the catalogue, or any other info from the tag.

    Thanks a lot for any help!

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  3. Curtis

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    I'd like to know too, since I've got some of these Spink tags (not with these particular codes, but similar format). Old tags can be amazingly frustrating! (But very rewarding when you finally get an answer.)

    By the way, beautiful specimen. I've been trying to avoid the new mega-hoard ones, but it's difficult to find any others these days. I have the distinct feeling I recognize this coin and had it on a watchlist for a recent sale or dealer website. The centering and toning are really nice, as is the balance between full necklace, full face, and partial crest. (Fuller crest typically means sacrificing necklace, nose, or chin.)
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