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Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by khalil elara, Apr 21, 2018.

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    i seen this ad on e bay for a proof set with 4 coins facing one way but the dime is on reverse is this an error ad if it is could be worth buying thank you very much sorry i do not know how to import the ad picture on the other hand i did not know if it is legal to do that mmmmannny thanks from the first grader
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    I scene on passed posts that it's just a packaging error.
    Packaging errors command no premium.
    Pics and links are fine here, sometimes they are even demanded.
    It's usaly a good idear to post them.
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    And if it was a proof set dated after 1998, those sets can just be opened up, the coins switched or moved around, and then re-closed and it's undetectable. Back in the first year of the state quarters there were scammers on eBay selling "rare" error proof sets that had one quarter missing and a duplicate of one of the others. They were just buying five sets, playing musical chairs with the quarters, and creating five error sets that they been sold for $300+ a piece. In 2000, they were taking 2000 proof sets, removing the coins and putting in 1999 coins plus the proof Anthony dollar, then putting them back into a 1999 box and selling them as rare VIP 1999 10 coin proof sets (something that doesn't exist). They were getting a couple thousand dollars apiece on those.
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