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    Nice one!

    I love the coinage of Probus, and as a result I usually end up keeping them when I find an extra nice one in a lot. Interestingly, I've never purchased an individual Probus, all of these were lot grabs.

    These two were for my main portrait collection
    Probus antoninianus adventvs avg.jpg
    Probus military bust ADVENTVS PROBI.jpg

    These were just too pretty to let go
    Probus VICTORIA GERM.jpg Probus IOVI CONS PROBI AVG Rome.jpg

    These I wagered I would be disappointed in the hammer on ebay, so I just kept them
    Probus sol invicto chariot holed.jpg Probus consular portrait SOL INVICTO quadriga left rome.jpg

    Whenever I'm feeling snackish I usually cruise the Indian offerings on the 'bay. This is a recent pickup, one that I've wanted for a while but always shied away from on account of toxic metal + toddlers in the house.

    Chutus of Banavasi
    Mulanada, ca late 1st - early 3rd century AD
    PB full unit (29mm)
    This one has a nice crisp strike with full legend and a pleasing patina (ancient lead is so interesting!)
    Chutus mulanada pb unit.jpg

    Also, almost all of my Indo Sassanians would count as a "snack" but snacks add up to be more than the meal you would have eaten!
    ZomboDroid 23032021142256.jpg ZomboDroid 23032021143423.jpg ZomboDroid 23032021143504.jpg
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  3. Claudius_Gothicus

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    The coin arrived this morning, and I think it looks pretty good; I feel like it was worth what I paid for it:

    Interestingly, it also came with a collector's ticket that was clearly written by the same hand as the ticket that came with a Valerian I that I purchased from Naville back in December:

    Here's the tickets:
    The "C" must indicate the Cohen reference number, while the number at the bottom is the weight of the coin. The only thing that puzzles me a bit is the price on the other side of the ticket; what currency could it be in? Also, if anybody has any ideas regarding whose collection the coins came from, I'd like to hear them.
  4. Clavdivs

    Clavdivs Supporter! Supporter

    Nice snacks.. I have a few inexpensive coins of Probus...



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