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    I haven't bought a Probus from Siscia for a few years having largely lost my focus on his coins from there. I saw this one and decided to change that. There are quite a few different sub-types of CLEMENTIA TEMP from this mint with Emperor holding something receiving something from Jupiter.

    Emperor holding transverse sceptre, receiving globe
    Emperor holding vertical sceptre, receiving globe
    Emperor holding vertical eagle-tipped sceptre, receiving globe
    and more unusually
    Emperor holding vertical sceptre, receiving Victory on globe

    Jupiter also has a couple of minor varieties where he usually has a robe draped over his left arm and less usuallty with his robe draped behind him.

    This coin combines combines both these unusual attributes. It isn't listed in RIC and I cannot find it in Alfoldi though the reverse type is noted as Type 19 with the only example listed by Alfoldi as having VII/XXI on the reverse.

    It is also a pleasing looking example without a great deal of wear and was struck with fresh dies with the engraver's marks still visible on the glose and on the torso of Jupiter

    Obv:– IMP C M AVR PROBVS P F AVG, Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right (seen from the rear)
    Rev:– CLEMENTIA TEMP, Emperor standing right, holding vertical sceptre, receiving Victory on globe from Jupiter standing left, holding sceptre
    Minted in Siscia (D / XXI) Emission 8 Officina 4. A.D. 281
    Reference:– Alfoldi type 19, n° -. RIC 643 Bust type C var

    RI 132yx img.JPG
    RI 132yx rev.JPG
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  3. gogili1977

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    Beautiful example.
    I have similar with different legend from Siscia RIC 647
    and with globe Siscia RIC 646
  4. dougsmit

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    I may be imaging things but is there a (SP)QR on the thing under Victory? If so, it would only show on a few strikes before the tiny letters wore from the die.
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