Price of 2019 and 2020 W Quarters

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by dimeguy, Jun 4, 2021.

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    My comments weren't aimed at this story specifically. It just happened to be the end of the thread. Was meant more in general.
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    it's all good~
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    Myself, I knew these were going to be hoarded on sight so I set my mind to just buying them in PCGS MS65. A nice, middle of the road grade since I'm not the bragging type shooting for a top registry. Thus far I've got all except the the American Memorial for 2019 and only the Weir Farms of 2020, none of which cost over twenty-eight dollars several months ago. The market unexplainably went nuts sometime around March. Looking at the census page, the population numbers make no sense as to why. So, I'll wait. They will return to under thirty like before based on availability (More are going unsold than sold based on the astronomical asking price on many). And EBAY is making a killing on those fools, getting their fee every time it's listed- sold or not.
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  5. John Burgess

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    Hi @Long Beard, I'm long winded on this topic, and well all topics really LOL. Please bear with me.

    I have no idea about graded coins, population reports or census. What I do know is since March 20th 2021 on ebay there's always less than 50 total listings for 2019W American Memorial Park active at one time and been like that since last year even, 20-50 active listings and rarely breaking 60.

    right now 2020W Marsh billings is at about 79 active listings. Next lowest is 2020 American Samoa, 2019 River of no Return, 2020 Weir Farm, 2019 war in the pacific, these guys are all in the middle hundred area, so that 6, the other 4 designs are nearing or breaking 300 active listings at one time. 2019 W Lowell wins this with 308 active listings followed closely by San Antonio Missions with 305 active.

    as far as sold since March 20th, 2019 River of No Return and War in the Pacific have sold the least often, 2019 Amp comes in 3rd, followed by 2020 American Samoa, and Weir Farm these 5 have sold less than 500 examples each in the last 90 days, the other 5 designs have sold 500 times or more, with the top seller being Salt River with 932 in the last 90 days. Followed by Tallgrass which is at 900 listings sold.

    All in all, the take away I get from the info is supply and demand. since 2019 the American Memorial Park W has been in short supply on the market with a decent demand for it and as such never really got below $15 raw before going back up to $20-$30 ungraded. the demand does translate to the graded coins also, even though it's not a low submitted coin as far as I can tell.
    What I find is people don't want to pay the higher prices which slows the turn over of them in the market, but there are people willing to pay the higher prices still so they do sell. The coin is in short supply still as far as whats for sale at one time. As for Weir Farm, I don't have an explanation for that one really but some on auctions for MS65 sell for around $20-$30 so it's in line with the others, but the last couple days Buy it now have been the sales and higher, might just be a temp short on auction listings.

    And that's the other aspect. of the 48 American Memorial park listings, 20 of them are auctions, and only 5 end in the next 24-36 hours., of those 2 are ungraded, and 3 are NGC, 2, 66s/1, 65.
    Next group thats 48-72 hours out is 7 examples. 4 are ungraded, 3 are ANACS,1 65, 1 66, 1 67.
    There's not some glut of them on the market to choose from, and I've been watching since 2019, there never was except during the release periodwhen the prices were so high, and even then there weren't as many out there as other design releases like Lowell at the time, or any of the others after.

    Actually, currently there isn't a single PCGS graded 2019W AMP quarter listed on Ebay except for 3 high priced MS67 BIN or Best offers.

    I would think the Weir Farm will return to normal and to wait a bit, heck that might even work out in a couple days to a week.
    But I'm not so sure on the American Memorial Park.
    For whatever the reason (I can only guess) I don't think all 2 million of them got out there. As far as ebay goes, they are 3-8 times less listed for sale than any other design and it's been like that for as long as I can remember.

    Maybe there's a few armored carriers in the boonies, off the beaten path out there, sitting on a few pallets each of 2019 American Memorial park and no reason to roll them and distribute them. I don't believe all of them got out there by what I'm seeing when compared to the other designs.
    It's the only explanation I have for why they don't appear that often, if it was about the design, I'd think the American Samoa is the most popular design out of the 10 followed by San Antonio Missions, Maybe AMP comes 3rd.
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  8. baseball21

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    There's no fee unless you go over your monthly free listings.

    They probably did mostly get out there but it is one of the more meaningful popular ones that would have appeal to groups and people outside of collecting.
  9. Beardigger

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  10. Beardigger

    Beardigger Well-Known Member

    This thread just keeps on giving. I have been lucky enough to be able to help some members out with securing some W quarters for their collection. I had some extras that I had found roll hunting and was happy to send them along.
    Today, I got an envelope in the mail from @thomas mozzillo with the beautiful Panda Proof below in it, along with a nice note thanking me for the W's. My jaw hit the floor! What a beautiful coin! That was an unbelievably generous (and totally unnecessary) thing to do!
    Thank You Thomas! you made my day!

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  11. CoinJockey73

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    All this generosity is making me look like a piker. I better step up my game ;).
  12. john65999

    john65999 Well-Known Member

    just take a look at what 2020 and 21 error coins are going for, lol
  13. CoinJockey73

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    This thread is bananas! Anyone involved, please reread, and anyone just checking it out, read through the whole thing. What a great "feel good" ride! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Woo-hoo! Almost got me feeling as good as sending out W quarters anonymously during the holidays!
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  14. john65999

    john65999 Well-Known Member

    i have yet to find any, i must have searched 40 rolls, go to the point i gave up on quarters, now just search cents thru dimes...:(:(:(
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  15. CoinJockey73

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    Don't give up! They're out there, i promise!

    I'm just reading this again, 40 rolls? Not boxes? That's 40x40 quarters and you didn't find a W? No kidding! I have to go through 2000-2500 in quarters to find one. Now, my math isn't very good, but you may need to look through a few more before throwing in the towel!
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  16. furryfrog02

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    Managed to sell 77 Tall Grass Prairie "W"s at the Baltimore Whitman Show last weekend.
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  17. CoinJockey73

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    I bet! Hope you did well!
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  18. furryfrog02

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    Covered the cost (and then some) for the Lego Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Series AT-AT :)
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  19. Beardigger

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    Check your PM
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  20. john65999

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  21. john65999

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    i like the coins i find in lower denominations, lots of clashes and unc, with quarters mosly junk, no silver ever, i find more silver in nickel rolls, have found 6 so far after 200.00 in nickels, 1600.00 in quarters and found 5 unc coins and nothing else, maybe 2 struck through grease, still not too good of odds me thinks
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