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    Certified Coin Exchange

    Ever wish you knew what your coin dealer is paying for coins that he sells to you ? Well you can, all you have to do is become an associate member of the Certified Coin Exchange. The CCE is an on-line trading network used by major dealers in the United States to buy and sell coins to each other. And you can participate.

    "Currently there are over 100,000 bid and ask prices on CCE, and live trading occurs electronically between 12:00 and 5:00 Eastern Time. Bids/Asks are posted for PCGS, NGC, ANACS and ICG certified graded coins. There are over 150 Member Firms who have the capability to place bid/ask prices and to execute trades against these prices. Over 275 more Associate Members subscribe to view CCE prices and either trade based on these prices with other dealers, or propose transactions to the Member Firms who are posting these prices."

    Certified Coin Exchange


    Coin Dealer Newsletter

    "The Only Source for Accurate, Timely & Unbiased
    Rare Coin Pricing Information! "

    Grey Sheet


    Coin Values

    Coin Values Online, formerly known as Coin World Trends Online, provides retail values for more than 45,000 U.S. coins. It is updated weekly to provide you with the most comprehensive and current retail pricing information available in the marketplace. It is made available free to Coin World and Coin Values subscribers.

    Coin Values Online provides mintages, a primer on grading and other historical information about U.S. coins. In addition, it offers a portfolio feature that allows you to maintain up to 10 personal portfolios. Whether they contain coins you actually own or coins you would like to own, you can compare, graph and keep notes on your favorite coins.

    Coin Values


    Auction Values

    Benefits & Features of
    Welcome to, the online resource for prices realized on rare U.S. coins. The CoinTrac archive is a subscription area of, as are the Portfolio Management and CoinWatch features. The live spot prices on Gold, Silver, and Platinum and other informative sections of the website are free and open to the general public.



    Error Values

    This is a price guide for error coins hosted by Mint Error News.

    Error Values


    Prices for U.S. Error Coins

    The price guide for error coins as found on Coin Site.

    "Note: The approximate prices listed below are for the most common U.S. coin errors and have been collected from dealer buy/sell lists and standard numismatic publications. "

    Error aCoins


    Coin Archives is a repository of coins previously featured in major numismatic auctions.

    It brings together the text, images, and prices realized from catalogs issued by some of the world's most prestigious coin firms. With this site, you can search and view coin lots from a growing database of completed auctions.

    In my personal opinion, this is simply one of the best !!



    US Coin Values Advisor

    US Coin Values Advisor researches historical price trends for United States collectible coins. While past performance is no guarantee of future results, coins that have consistently risen in value over long periods of time in the past are the best bets for appreciation in the years ahead.

    Value trend data is presented in a series of concise Coin Value Tables™. These tables empower the coin collecting public to study the up-and-down price movements of individual US coins over the last half century plus.

    US Coin Values Advisor


    Heritage - Type Coin Values

    This is a "quick-pricing" guide for type coin values.

    Type Coin Values


    Heritage - Realized Auction Prices

    This link will allow you to search almost 1 million realized auction prices for coins & currency. It will provide pictures of the coins sold, population reports for NGC & PCGS and of course the realized prices for a given coin over the past several years. In my personal opinion, this is simply one of the best !!

    Heritage - Realized Auction Archives


    Ancient Coin Values

    In the world of ancient coins it is extremely difficult to know what a good price may or may not be. Specialists and dealers will develop a feel for the market with experience but the casual collector, the broad collector, or someone just wishing to add a few nice pieces has no idea where to start. Even within a series there are many varieties and types of coins which make understanding the market and the value of the coins difficult.

    We have created free price guides for the Eastern Greeks in four series. Baktrian, Parthian, Sasanian, and the Huns. More guides will soon be issued covering the Greek world and then the Roman. We catalog, parse, identify, store, and analyze tens of thousands of public sales records in order to generate these guides to help the collector better understand the value of ancient coins.

    Ancient Coin Values


    eBay - Completed Listings

    The title is self-explanatory. The site allows eBay members to search recent realized prices for coin auctions.

    eBay - Completed Listings


    Selling Coins to a Dealer - What can I expect ?

    I have included this for one reason - all too often collectors have little or no realistic idea of what they can expect to receive if they go to sell their coins to a dealer. Collectors will look up the values of their coins in various price guides, walk into a dealer's shop offering to sell their cherished collection and then walk out feeling insulted, angry and thinking the dealer was trying to rip them off. Sometimes this is true - other times it is not.

    Dealers do not pay full retail for coins they are buying. Dealers operate a business, they must buy low and sell high if they are to stay in business. And whether collectors realize it or not, the majority of a dealer's business is conducted by selling to other dealers. Therefore when they buy coins from a collector they must do so at a price that will allow them to sell those coins to yet another dealer at a wholesale price and still show a profit. This obviously means that the price the collector can expect to receive will be less than wholesale. That number can often be as much as 30% - 40% less than full retail.

    So even when you are attempting to sell your coins to a dealer that is very trusted and highly respected in the numismatic community, you can expect pretty much what I have disussed above. The following link is used to provide an example of this, it is a list of buy prices being offered by a coin dealer.

    I in no way recommend or endorse this particular dealer - nor do I mean to imply that the prices he offers are out of line or too low. I merely present this as an example.

    Buy Prices

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  3. Peter Brown

    Peter Brown New Member is a complete catalog for world coins. Full information including pictures and prices for all years, mintage, size, metal, weight, obverse and reverse descriptions and lettering. We provide our users with unique technology of automatic coin identification by photo.
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    Great Collections has an auction archive for their sales. Heritage goes back further which is nice to see the price trend for a particular coin one may be interested in. Population reports from the TPGs are misleading since numbers don't take into account multiple submissions. Auction results can be helpful in letting one know how often a particular coin date/grade comes up at auction.

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    Please provide a link :)
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    I really appreciate all the price information and links - many thanks!!
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    For High AU, MS and PF U.S.coins, a printed guide book to help you is: United States Coins Professional Edition. They also list the last auction prices available at the time of printing.
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