Price and value Henry III-V slabbed coin ?

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Sardar, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. Sardar

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    Hi, could anyone please help me to evaluate this coin and set a reasonable price for it?
    I am very interested to know the price of this coin. Thank you in advance.

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  3. TIF

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    Hmm. This is far removed from what I collect but browsing CoinArchives shows a lot of 3 of these which sold for 18 EUR ($25) in 2011.

    They weren't in the fancy slab though ;). Based on the NGC cert number, it looks like someone submitted a big batch and sprung for the "historical" label (a marketing gimmick).

    Browsing other archives, I found a group of 8 (maybe not all of this type, but all similar) for <$20 per coin.

    Some examples currently for sale on Vcoins, a conglomerate of coin dealers: $30 $30

    A better example for £35:

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  4. Sardar

    Sardar Member

    Thank you very much. a great help from you:)
  5. stevex6

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  6. Pellinore

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    I've seen many of these lastly. Interesting coins historically, but not particularly attractive, rare or valuable. Interesting, because these cheap billon coins were minted in Lucca, Italy, but they are found in large numbers in Palestine, Crusader country. They were used as normal change by the Crusaders.
    Well, I have one, it's an ugly little fellow (yours is much better), it reminds me of an interesting European undertaking of the 12th century. I have only one and that's enough.
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