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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by mlov43, Feb 25, 2024.

  1. mlov43

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    I'd like to see if NGC (or any other grading company) has graded any other world coins in SP (Specimen). If your coin isn't in a graded holder, but think it should be, based on the definition of a Specimen (below), then post it anyway!

    Specimen (SP): A coin that falls short of the definition for an actual Proof yet is clearly superior to the normal currency issues. SP applies to a variety of finishes that are distinct from the appearance of circulation issues but do not fit any of the Proof categories. "Matte finish" coins have received SP designations in recent years. See this Korean coin example below.

    Here's my South Korea Year-2000 50-Won coin in SP-68:

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  3. Croatian Coin Collector

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    None of my graded coins have such a grade, their grades are:

    MS 66 (Japanese Gold 2 Yen from 1870)
    AU 58 (Almohad Gold 1/2 Dinar)
    AU 53 (Burji Mamluk Gold Ashrafi)
    EF 45 (Ayyubid Gold Dinar of Saladin from 1184)
    EF 45 (Khanate of Bukhara Gold 1/4 Mithqal of Abdullah Khan II)
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  4. Evan8

    Evan8 A Little Off Center

    1974 10 Francs In SP66
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  5. mlov43

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  6. Evan8

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    Thanks, I can't remember if I ever found a mintage for it, but it is pretty rare, PCGS pop is 2 in 66 and 3 graded higher.

    I was lucky finding it, as I was looking for just a nice example because I love the art deco design.

    It's TrueView sucks though lol
  7. ddddd

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    This one is now part of the @lordmarcovan eclectic hundred.

    (1904) Stuttgart City Klippe

    A detailed city view of Stuttgart and a message of “Happy New Year” ("Prosit Neujahr") are featured on this silver Klippe. Issued by the Stuttgart Numismatic Association around 1904 (estimated), it is rather attractive and fairly scarce (this being the only graded example at PCGS).
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    I'll try my post again in a few.
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    Trouble showing reverse of Canada. Here is another try.
    Canada 4.jpg
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