Post your Peace Dollars

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by pumpkinpie, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. pumpkinpie

    pumpkinpie what is this I don*t even

    Peace dollars are quickly becoming my favorite series. I only have one, a 23-P I picked up for $31. IMAG0223-horz.jpg
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  3. dwhiz

    dwhiz Collector Supporter

  4. LionelR

    LionelR Supporter! Supporter

    Very cool, dwhiz! I've never actually seen one of those...

    Pumpkin- Nice pickup. Peace Dollars are one of my favorite series. I posted this ages ago but it's one of my favorite coins and I couldn't help posting it again. Enjoy the Peace series!


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  5. Fattony16

    Fattony16 New Member

    thats beautiful! i never seen a peace dollar tone that nice.
  6. Fattony16

    Fattony16 New Member

    1923peace.jpg 1925s-horz.jpg
    All i need is 7 more and i got a complete set but these are the only two I have nice pictures of.
  7. kanga

    kanga 60 Year Collector

    I'm in the process of collecting a moderate date/mm set of Peace Dollars.
    By moderate I mean an AU/MS-64 set; basically whatever grade costs less than $200.
    Only three have cost more than that.
    Once I get the set completed I'll image them all and put them in an NGC Registry Set.
    The registry set won't get anywhere near the top but at least it will be in a nice format for a dog-and-pony show.

    I have 18 of the 24 with another coming so I'm getting close.
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  8. Lehigh96

    Lehigh96 Toning Enthusiast

  9. rev1774

    rev1774 Well-Known Member

    A few of mine..

    1923Both.jpg 1924Obv.jpg 1924Rev.jpg 1922D-R.jpg

  10. iGradeMS70

    iGradeMS70 AKA BustHalfBrian

  11. LionelR

    LionelR Supporter! Supporter

    Very, very nice - All good examples of why this is a great series!
    Thanks for showing them.
  12. gbroke

    gbroke Naturally Toned

    I only have one. You better put on your sun glasses if you want to look at it though.
  13. Leadfoot

    Leadfoot there is no spoon

    I've got a new one to share, but have to set up the camera. Hopefully this weekend.....

    In the meantime, here's a '21 HR (AU 58):

  14. cdwest

    cdwest Member

    Lately I have intrigued by Peace Dollars. Any helpful hints? or reference guides I should get?
  15. geekpryde

    geekpryde Husband and Father

    Same coin I previously posted, very different look. Can't tell if my photos are getting better or worse, LOL.

    1923 peace with template.jpg

    I purchased two goose-neck LED task lights lights today at Target. They certainly can be positioned alot easier that what I was formerly using, but my photos still seem to not get enough light in enough places. This coin photography stuff is becoming it's own hobby!
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  16. coin dexter

    coin dexter Junior Member

  17. rzage

    rzage What Goes Around Comes Around .

    G , what happened to the pic ?
  18. WingedLiberty

    WingedLiberty Well-Known Member

    I posted this yesterday in the new acquisitions thread ... but thought i would post it again here for the Peace Dollar lovers.
    This is a PCGS MS64+

  19. coin dexter

    coin dexter Junior Member

    Sweet chicken!! What a beauty!!!!
  20. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

    I was nearly lynched for doing that
  21. coin dexter

    coin dexter Junior Member

    I wouldn't let em do that to ya!! Keep em coming, I love your stuff....Joe
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