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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by JCB1983, Feb 22, 2012.

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  4. larssten

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    Here are a couple post-colonial coppers dated 1783 - a Nova Constellatio and a Washington Cent


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  5. dwhiz

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  6. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    This is what I bought:

    1798 S-147 Obv eBay.jpg 1798 S-147 Rev eBay.jpg
    I expected a very porous piece with little detail.

    What I got:

    1798 S-147 Obv.JPG 1798 S-147 Rev.JPG

    Well, It looks better in the copper. I wish I could capture what I see. But it definitely looks better than in photographs.
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  7. jester3681

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    This one is one of my favorite old coppers - I bought it raw from Kevin Vinton and it graded AU58BN. I think on any given day it could slide - that pesky cabinet friction... neat design, and the way the coin toned around the devices. Love it!
  8. Eduard

    Eduard Supporter**

    This is not a coin, but rather a token. The so-called Rhode Island Ship Token struck in brass.

    ''While there lacks complete agreement about the origin of the Rhode Island pieces as well as their intended purpose, they were seemingly struck either by -- or for -- the Dutch to foment opinion against the American cause. The word VLUGTENDE (fleeing) was effaced on most examples shortly after mintage, likely from fear of reprisal by the British government since the word was positioned directly beneath Admiral Howe's flagship. Vestiges of VLUGTENDE remain visible beneath the ship. The reverse shows American forces retreating from the British fleet in 1778''.

    This token was struck in pewter, brass and copper. Examples in pewter are quite scarce, with brass a close second.

    image01337.jpg .
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  9. Skyman

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  10. Eduard

    Eduard Supporter**

    Sheldon S-151, 1798/7.

    IMG_4887_opt.jpg IMG_4894_opt.jpg
  11. J.A.K.

    J.A.K. Foriegn Fanatic

    Recent up grade for my British copper and bronze type set. 1858 penny.jpg
  12. jerryc39

    jerryc39 Active Member

    my oldest copper. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. J.A.K.

    J.A.K. Foriegn Fanatic

    My oldest copper, and one of my favorites. FR 1606A Double Tournois Henri IV.jpg
  14. paddyman98

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    Posting my old copper..I recently replaced almost 50 copper sprinkler heads all installed in 1957..:rolleyes:
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  15. RonSanderson

    RonSanderson Well-Known Member

    Brought back from a corroded state with a bit of treatment. Thanks, VerdiCare and @BadThad. 01c 1854 obverse 02.jpg
    01c 1854 reverse 02.jpg
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  16. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    Just got this one for $9.99 plus $2.49 shipping:

    1796 S-101 Obv2.jpg 1796 S-101 Rev2.jpg
    The reverse is readily identifiable as the Sheldon 1796 Rev. S (Breen 1796 Rev. M).
    ONE CENT High and leaf pointed under and almost touching the upright of the (M)E.

    .The trick is whether the obverse can be identified with the date too corroded for identification. I think so and believe it is the S-101 R5- with wide LIBERTY, particularly at LI. But that could easily be disputed.
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  17. ChangeinHistory

    ChangeinHistory Active Member

    1794170500205O.jpg 1794170500205R.jpg

    Wish I still owned it
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  18. Marshall

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  19. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    Another episode of collecting old copper on a budget:

    I just picked up this tired S-153 with a clip. But I like the terminal die states and this one is presently the most advanced I've seen, even among other die state VII examples with the CUD no longer squared off on the right and additional encroachment toward the Bust. at the left. The only thing a bit concerning is the closeness of the top of the 8 to the drapery. It seems a bit closer than the other S-153s.

    S-153 Obv 9 (VII).jpg S-153 Rev E (VII).jpg
    The price was $8.52 plus $2.99 Shipping
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  20. Santinidollar

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  21. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    This is a follow-up on what I think is an S-101. The spacing of the S-102 eliminates it, but the spacing of the S-103 is too close to eliminate. The reversed B of the S-103 is covered by the corrosion as is the top of the 6 of the date.

    I think the upright of the B under a dentil on the S-101 (left) makes it distinguishable from the S-103 (right) which is between detils and I have the following as visual evidence. But I need feedback to see if anyone else agrees or if I'm wish-attributing again.

    1796 S-101 Subject S-103 Closeup B.jpg
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