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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by The Meat man, Mar 15, 2022.

  1. The Meat man

    The Meat man Well-Known Member

    Here is a group I got in the mail today, changing things up a bit from the usual Greco-Roman stuff:


    There's a timeless element to these ancient Chinese coins that I find appealing. I was reading up on some of the history of these ancient Chinese empires and it is really fascinating - a whole different world of cultural splendor no less impressive than the ancient Greeks or Romans.
    And to top things off these coins are fairly inexpensive, too. ;)

    What are your latest ancient coin purchases? Post 'em up! :cool:

    PS I'll have a lot more to contribute here soon... ;)
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  3. furryfrog02

    furryfrog02 Well-Known Member

    Love those cash coins!

    FFIVN and I each got a coin this week. He got a new cash coin and I got a new emperor:
    Western Han Dynasty, Emperors Wen Di Jing Di Wu Di, Four Zhu, Ban Liang, Hartill 7.17 No Rims.png

  4. BenSi

    BenSi Well-Known Member

    Something different for me.


    Parthian Empire, Orodes II, 57 - 38 B.C.

    96023. Silver drachm, Sellwood 47.9; Shore 241; SNG Cop 100; BMC Parthia p. 88, 173; Sunrise 373, EF, light rose tone on luster, excellent portrait, light marks, irregular flan shape, 3.647g, 20.3mm, 0o, Mithradatkart (near Askabad in Turkmenistan) mint, 50 - 42 B.C.; obverse bearded and diademed bust left, short beard, torque ends in pellet, star upper left, crescent upper right; reverse BASILEWS / BASILEWN - ARSAKOU - EUERGETOU / DIKAIOU - EPIFANOUS / FILELLHNOS (slightly blundered), archer wearing bashlyk and cloak seated right on throne, bow in right, (Mithradatkart monogram) below bow, squared seven-line legend around; from the Errett Bishop Collection
  5. The Meat man

    The Meat man Well-Known Member

    @furryfrog02 Which emperor is that? Nice coins!

    @BenSi Very nice! I haven't looked into Parthian coins much (yet). Yours looks like a very fine example.
  6. Noah Worke

    Noah Worke Well-Known Member

    Here's the dealer-provided image of my newest (and first) ancient coin. It's a silver antoninianus of Gordian III, about 20mm in diameter. I'm really happy to have it and now I'll be collecting a lot more ancients. I really like big coins, and I just found out that sestertii exist so now I'm on the hunt for one of those.
  7. happy_collector

    happy_collector Well-Known Member

    Nice additions, @The Meat man. I like the different script styles on your coins.

    My latest ancient is a Faustina Junior denarius with four children on the reverse. I have one, two and six children reverse design in my collection, but lacking this type. Glad to locate a decent example. :)

    Seller photo. I just received the coin today. Haven't opened the package yet...
  8. Orange Julius

    Orange Julius Well-Known Member

    My most recent that I've received this this humble Quintillus.
    Quintillus - VBERITAS AVG - Siscia - RIC V-1 79
  9. furryfrog02

    furryfrog02 Well-Known Member

    Licinius II
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  10. wittwolf

    wittwolf Well-Known Member

    My latest ancient addition was another quite nice Gallienus coin:
    Emperor Gallienus - Antoninianus - ROMAE AETERNAE - Antioch mint
    Gallienus Roma.png
  11. ambr0zie

    ambr0zie Dacian Taraboste

    I participated last weekend in an auction - probably my last for a while as I am developing a new "hobby" - visits to the dentist. This will eat all my budget but priorities are priorities.
    The auction was successful - I won my major targets and I had unexpected success in snacks - interesting and cheap coins.

    This is one of them and it would be, at least for the moment, my last coin in the album, a nice Honorius on a small flan but with nice details.
  12. Ryro

    Ryro Trying to remove supporter status

    I purchased these at Ken Dorney's last auction. Not much for Chinese coins, but needed a snack to travel with my Philip V MSC. It's from around the same time period, both are from the time of the Roman Republic though neither Roman:
    2547141_1643946007.l-removebg-preview.png 2547084_1643945968.l-removebg-preview.png
  13. Roman Collector

    Roman Collector Well-Known Member

    I bought this little snack from Marc Breitsprecher because I liked the patina and I've had my eye on it for a while. Since I have already written about Hadrianopolis and I and Jochen have already written about Homonoia, there's not much point in making it the subject of a Faustina Friday installment. So, it's making its CT debut here!

    Faustina Jr Hadrianopolis Homonoia MB.jpg
    Faustina II, AD 147-149.
    Roman provincial Æ 21.9 mm, 5.03 mm, 1 h.
    Thrace, Hadrianopolis, AD 161-175.
    Obv: ΦΑVϹΤΕΙΝΑ ϹΕΒΑϹΤΗ; draped bust, right, wearing a double strand of pearls around the head.
    Rev: ΑΔΡΙΑΝΟ-ΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ; Homonoia standing facing, head left, wearing kalathos, holding patera and cornucopia.
    Refs: RPC IV.1, 3916 (temporary); SNG Cop 559; Varbanov 3236; BMC 3.117, 6 var.
  14. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE

    I am just confirming there are 2 sides to this coin (the # 2)\

    Philip II, 359-336 BCE
    Æ18, 6. 7g, 2h
    struck 359-336 BCE
    Obv. : Head of Apollo left, hair bound in tainia.
    Rev. : ΦIΛIΠΠOY Youth on horseback galloping left, head of lion right below.
    Ref. : SNG ANS 872-4 SNG Alpha Bank 371-3
    Ex: @John Anthony
    Comment: Harder to get Left-Left facing.
    (already had one, but hey, I thought this was a COOL Coin...)
  15. Roman Collector

    Roman Collector Well-Known Member

    Ha! I bought #3!
    Kyme Artemis and Vase.JPG
  16. Ryro

    Ryro Trying to remove supporter status

    Not to brag or anything, but I'm #
  17. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE

    LOL, YEAH! But, I got the PHILIP II... the GREATEST of all Generals, Kings, Nation Makers, and he even made Alexander III. :D

    Here is my OTHER Philip II LEFT-LEFT

    Philip II
    359-336 BCE
    AE 17 Horse Rider
    LEFT-LEFT facing scarce
  18. Orielensis

    Orielensis Well-Known Member

    Nice coins, everyone! Here is my latest ancient acquisition, which came from our own @John Anthony :

    Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-10 um 16.02.12.png
    Ptolemy II Philadelphos, Ptolemaic Kings of Egypt, AE drachm (?), 285–246 BC, probably struck in the mid to late 260s BC, Alexandreia mint. Obv.: Diademed head of Zeus-Ammon r. Rev.: Two eagles standing l. on thunderbolt; Λ between legs of l. eagle. 40mm, 73.6g. Ref: Svoronos 479; SNG Copenhagen 149.
  19. furryfrog02

    furryfrog02 Well-Known Member

    Beefy! I love it!
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  20. red_spork

    red_spork Triumvir monetalis

    I'll share a handful of RR bronzes I recently received. I have a denarius that deserves its own post that I'll share soon elsewhere:

    A very nice corn-ear sextans struck on Sicily during the Second Punic War

    A worn example of this famous type featuring Janus with the features of Pompey the great but it had a lot going for it that I was a fan of: full legends, natural un-messed with patina, not tooled. This type in particular seems like it comes tooled more often than not so I was happy to find a nice, natural example recently.
    Roman Imperatorial Period Æ as(17.04g, 29mm), Sextus Pompey, Imperator and Praefect of the Fleet, 43-36 B.C., Sicilian mint. Laureate head of Janus with features of Pompey the Great; above, MAGN / Prow of galley right, PIVS above, IMP below. Sear HCRI 336; Crawford 379/1; RPC I 671.

    An extremely rare sextans of the SAX series, probably the sixth or seventh known example:
    Roman Republic Æ Sextans(6.82g, 20mm). Cluvius Saxula, moneyer, 169-158 BC. Rome mint(or perhaps Central Italian mint). Head of Mercury right wearing winged Petasos, •• above / Prow of galley right; SAX above, •• before, ROMA below. Crawford 180/5; Russo RBW 765/(Central Italian Mint); Sydenham 361d

    Another extremely rare sextans, this time of the M FABRINI series, and in excellent condition for the type:
    Roman Republic Æ sextans(3.6g, 17mm). M Fabrinius, moneyer, 132 B.C. Rome mint. Head of young Mercury right, wearing winged Petasos with caduceus over shoulder; ·· behind / M FABRI NI, prow of galley right; before, ··. ROMA below. Crawford 251/4
  21. svessien

    svessien Senior Member

    Mithradates II.jpg

    Like @BenSi , I go with a Parthian.
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