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  1. Seattlite86

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    Let's see your Jesus related coins. I will admit my complete ignorance to ancient coins and can probably count the amount I have on my fingers. However, thanks to the extreme generosity of @Victor_Clark I have two more Jesus coins to add to my collection and now I have a path to take for learning. I do intend to continue to collect coins that reference or depict Jesus Christ so I would love to see what all is out there.

    Romanus III - horz.jpg
    Byzantine Empire
    Anonymous Ӕ Follis Class B
    Attributed to Romanus III A.D. 1028-1034
    30x31mm 9.1gm
    OBV: facing bust of Christ, wearing nimbus cruciger, pallium and colobium, holding gospels with both hands, IC - XC (Jesus Christ) flanking across field.
    REV: Cross on three steps with pellet at each extremity, in fields IS - XS (Jesus Christ) / bAS-ILE / bAS-ILE (King of Kings)
    Constantinople mint SB 1823
    Nicephorus III-horz.jpg
    Byzantine Empire
    Anonymous Ӕ Follis Class I
    Time of Nicephorus III A.D. 1078-1081
    23mm 2.6gm
    OBV: Nimbate bust of Christ facing, holding Gospels; IC-XC across field.
    REV: Latin cross with x at center and globule and two pellets in each extremity, in lower field either side, floral ornament; in upper field either side, crescent.
    Constantinople mint SB 1889

    For those who are new to ancient coins, and more specifically Christian coins, I recommend taking a peak here:
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  3. Mat

    Mat Ancient Coincoholic

    Nice additions. Don't mind this pile on thread since it isn't done like others as often:wacky::wacky::vomit:.

    ISAAC II ANGELUS (1185-95 A.D.)
    Billon Aspron TRACHY
    O: MP ThV, The Virgin seated on a throne, facing. She holds a nimbate head of the infant Christ facing.
    R: I/CAA/KI/OC DEC/PO/TH/C, Isaac standing facing, holding a cruciform scepter and akakia.
    Constantinople mint, 1185 - 1195 A.D.
    SB 2003, BMC 19-31.

    ANDRONICUS I COMNENUS (1183 - 1185 A.D.)
    O: MP - ΘV. The Theotokos (Virgin Mary) standing facing on dais, holding bust of the infant Christ.
    R: ANΔPONIKOC ΔECΠOTHC / IC - XC. Andronicus standing facing, holding labarum and globus cruciger, being crowned by Christ to right, holding Gospels.
    Constantinople Mint
    sb 1985

    Constantine X (1059 - 1067 A.D.)
    O: +EMMA_NOVHA Christ standing facing on footstool, raising hand in benediction and holding Gospels. IC XC across field
    R: EVDKARO +KWNTAK On left, Eudocia standing facing, wearing modified loros with kite-shaped lower panel and crown with cross and pendilia; on right, Constantine standing facing, wearing modified loros and crown with cross and pendilia, both holding labarum with cross-piece on shaft between them, standing on base and three steps, and each places one hand on heart
    DOC 8; SB 1853
  4. stevex6

    stevex6 Random Mayhem

    Sweet Jesus

    Anonymous Folles basil II & Constantine VIII Krist.jpg

    Zombie Jesus
    Nicephorus II Phocas Fourree.jpg
  5. Smojo

    Smojo dreamliner

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  6. FitzNigel

    FitzNigel Medievalist

    I guess I do have a depiction on my Grosso...

    02-IVen-Pietro Ziani-AR-G-01.jpg
    Italian States, Venice
    Pietro Zani, r. 1205-1229
    AR Grosso, 19.79 mm, 1.9 grams
    Obv.: [·+·]P·ZIANI· ·S·M.VENETI outside (Z retrograde), D/U/X down banner held between doge and St. Mark facing
    Rev.: [I¯C] X¯C across field, Christ enthroned facing.
  7. Victor_Clark

    Victor_Clark all my best friends are dead Romans Dealer

    Michael VII Ducas
    A.D. 1071- 1078
    Æ Follis
    25x28mm 8.6gm
    OBV: Facing bust of Christ, cross behind, wearing pallium and colobium, raising r. hand in benediction and holding gospels in l.; IC - XC above cross limbs, large star on either side of bust.
    REV: +MIXAHL RACIL O D; Bust facing, bearded, wearing crown and loros, holding labarum and globus cruciger.
    SB 1878

    Michael VII Ducas.JPG
  8. chrsmat71

    chrsmat71 I LIKE TURTLES!

    youthful beardless jesus, alexius iii trachy...


  9. David@PCC


    Alexius I Comnenus
    AR Histamenon Nomisma (27mm, 4.17 g).
    Thessalonica mint. Struck 1087-1092. Facing bust of Christ Pantokrator / St. Demetrius standing right, holding sword and presenting patriarchal cross set on globe on two steps to Alexius standing facing.

    Romanus IV
    1068 to 1071 AD
    Mint: Constantinople
    AE Follis
    Obvs: IC XC/NI KA, Bust of Christ holding book of gospels.
    Revs: C-R/P-Δ, Cross X in center, globus and pellets at ends.
    28x26mm, 6.7g

    Andronicus II/Michael IX
    AR Basilikon
    1295 to 1320 AD
    Obvs: IC - XC KVRIE BOHΘE, Christ enthroned.
    Revs: AVTΩKPATO-PEC PωMAION, Andronicus and Michael holding labarum between them.
    20mm, 1.70g

    Anonymous under Nicephorus III
    1078 to 1081 AD
    AE Follis, Class I
    Obvs: IC XC, bust of Christ raising hands in benediction.
    Revs: Latin cross with X at center, globule at ends. Floral pattern at lower fields.
    25mm, 4.7g

    Anonymous under Michael VII
    1071 to 1078 AD
    AE Follis, Class H
    Obvs: IC XC, Christ with nimbus holding gospels.
    Revs: Patriarchal cross, with globule, two pellets, and floral ornament.
    23x25mm, 5.84g

    Anonymous under Romanus IV
    1069 to 1071 AD
    AE Follis, Class G
    Obvs: IC XC, Christ raising right hand in benediction and holding scroll in left.
    Revs: MP OV, Virgin orans, nimbate and wearing pallium.
    25mm, 6.6g

    Anonymous under Constantine X
    1059 to 1067 AD
    AE Follis, Class F
    Obvs: IC XC, Christ seated facinf on throne without back, wearing nimbus cross, pallium, and colobium raising right hand in benediction. Left hand holds book of gospels.
    Revs: IS XS basilЄ basil, in three lines. --+-- above, + below.
    25x27mm, 7.61g

    Anonymous under Constantine VIII/ Basil II
    976 to 1028 AD
    AE Follis, Class A2 Var. 3
    Obvs: +ЄMMA NOVHΛ IC XC, bust of Christ wearing nimbus and holding book of gospels.
    Revs: +IhSЧS XRISTЧS bASILЄЧ bASILЄ, in four lines.
    30x33mm, 15.4g
  10. dougsmit

    dougsmit Member

    John VIII / Christ Ar Starvaton 1425 to 1448 AD
  11. scottishmoney

    scottishmoney Buh bye

    <---- Surely she said "Jesus" when I bought this

    I enjoyed seeing the coins above, but I probably don't have any coins that depict Jesus, but I am sure Jesus' name has been uttered more than a few times when my wife saw my cancelled cheques for some of the coins I have bought.
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  12. Roman Collector

    Roman Collector Well-Known Member

    This type has been posted already, but it's the only one I have:

    Nicephorus III.jpg

    Byzantine Empire
    Anonymous Ӕ Follis Class I
    Constantinople, time of Nicephorus III A.D. 1078-1081
    2.55 gm; 22.8mm

    OBV: Nimbate bust of Christ facing, holding Gospels; IC-XC across field.
    REV: Latin cross with x at center and globule and two pellets in each extremity, in lower field either side, floral ornament; in upper field either side, crescent.

    Dumbarton Oaks III I.15; Sear Byz 1889
  13. Valentinian

    Valentinian Well-Known Member

    Byzantine anonymous, Class C, Sear 1825, with Christ "three quarter length", right hand raised in benediction, gospels in left, and reverse IC XC NI KA (May Jesus Christ conquer) divided by a jeweled cross.
    30-27 mm. 6:00. 6.36 grams.
    Overstruck (as many are) on Class B as can be seen on the reverse at 5:00-7:00.
  14. ValiantKnight

    ValiantKnight I AM the Senate!


    Manuel I Komnenos


    Alexios III Angelos

  15. Seattlite86

    Seattlite86 Outspoken Member

    Keep them coming, these are fascinating! Apparently I had my reverses upside down... :banghead::bag:
    Nicephorus III-horz2.jpg Romanus III - horz2.jpg
  16. Herberto

    Herberto Well-Known Member

    A couples of anonymous folles:

    1 (2).jpg 1 (1).jpg 1 (3).JPG 1 (4).jpg 1 (5).JPG 1 (6).jpg

    1 (8).jpg
    1 (7).JPG

    1 (10).JPG 1 (11).JPG
  17. Herberto

    Herberto Well-Known Member


    Michael vii Doukas, jesus on obverse: 1 (9).JPG

    On reverse Alexios III Angelos with Constantine The Great. On obverse jesus, the face is blurry but the halo with 5 dots on each limbs, and his blessing hand plus the legends “IC” should be clear:
    1 (12).jpg

    After 1204 due to the Latin Crusader-attack, Byzantium ceased of being any strong empire anymore. And coins as well became max crude. Here Under Andronicus II, Jesus on reverse in middle:
    1 (13).jpg

    Solidus of Romanus Lecapenus, on obverse Jesus sitting with the gospel and raising right hand:
    1 (14).jpg

    Alexius I Comnenus, electrum, on obverse jesus:
    1 (15).jpg

    Hyperpyron under the reign of John II. Double struck with Jesus:
    1 (16).jpg

    Under the reign of Andronicus, the first one has more gold-content than the second one. Jesus on reverse side in middle:
    1 (17).jpg 1 (18).jpg

    The third last Byzantine emperor, Manuel II. A half stavraton, Jesus on obverse side:

    1 (19).jpg

    Edited ~ Read the rules , no religion comments, memes, etc.
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  18. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE

    I forgot I had this one:

    BZ Manuel I Comnenus 1143-1180 CE Aspron Trachy 35mm 4.6g Christ Gospels Labaran globus cruciger Virgin maphorium SB 1966
  19. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    Great coins, thanks for sharing! Here one of my many coins depicting Jesus Christ.
    AV Solidus 20mm./4.44g. Constantinople Mint
    Emperor Justinian II (Second Reign) after he was exiled and multilated by his enemies. 1516239l.jpg
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  20. Sallent

    Sallent Live long and prosper


    Jesus, it's Jesus! So awesome with the cool throne, awesome robes, stylish haircut, well groomed beard and all. I really like the way Venetians imagined and depicted Jesus on these grossos.
  21. Seattlite86

    Seattlite86 Outspoken Member

    @Deacon Ray thread revival. Here are two of my three coins with the bust of Jesus on them. I’m afraid i will not be able to post my third coin; it’s currently tucked far, far away in a safe.
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