Post Your Franklins!

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by jcakcoin, Mar 14, 2012.

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  3. bsowa1029

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    Awesome! That is definitely FBL
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  4. kSigSteve

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    Where the Frankie’s at?!

    2AC9234F-2A5A-40B2-B92B-F64E1FE70386.jpeg 278116E6-7EA3-4F09-9EAD-078B678E0DCC.jpeg 778F44D6-C7D4-4D75-B2E8-D88A6E5FD6E2.jpeg 1D5DE091-E51C-494B-B226-C674F817FCA9.jpeg
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    This one just got cut out of a 66 FBL slab. IMG_0002_1.JPG IMG_0003.JPG

    NNC and not an FBL.
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  13. kSigSteve

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    Not sure why you quoted me on this as I didn’t mention anything of FBL in the quoted post. Although I would argue that speaking in extremes is not always accurate. Proofs are not attributed with FBL designation but a proof can in fact be short having FBL. Also to keep the subject on franklins here are some raw proofs.
    E0EF3FC2-DE61-411B-8EA2-FFBE6288F09A.jpeg 3E2203C4-FC47-4C0D-B882-D73233845912.jpeg 211EB875-8C58-4478-9526-ED0ECBFC949B.jpeg 1CFBBE9E-71C4-4D68-B971-5F597A677EFE.jpeg A8CA3C78-7DD7-45A2-8A2B-3309337F31B0.jpeg 1F50E04D-704A-412B-89F4-DDCDEAF4C0B8.jpeg 4962E80D-CEE7-4494-B7AE-D3AA70F356E1.jpeg F0A3879B-B82A-42DE-BB2B-9AA044CA7503.jpeg 0A225DA5-7634-4D24-892C-37757729E337.jpeg 0A053A71-D071-4EB5-BE05-006D5F411E73.jpeg
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  14. chascat

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    Sorry..I missed the correct reply to bsowa1029, not intended for your raw proofs!
  15. Santinidollar

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    Got this one a few months ago.

    B5E72945-661A-4871-AD83-CD1FFED10A88.jpeg AF03FB63-702C-44F6-844A-D26E5C26E85C.jpeg
  16. Jmis

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    Ugly Benny EA2237DC-B54A-41AA-9EDB-D86E2C09A3AE.jpeg
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  17. dwhiz

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    This has been sitting on my desk for a couple of months.
    1959 Type 2 and looks like FS 801
    Type II

    There are only two circulation strike issues that can be found with the type II reverse, 1958 and 1959 Philadelphia mint issues. These pieces were struck from proof dies. It isn't known if this was intentional or not. They can be identified with the same characteristics as type II proofs. The eagle is in high relief and has three distinct wings to the left and right of the perch.
    1959 type 2x.jpg
  18. Skyman

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  19. PassthePuck

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    I have 20 of these...

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  21. chascat

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    Guess you call that a 64 DDRC...C is for Carr.
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