Post Your Civil War Seated Coinage!

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by longshot, Sep 25, 2020.

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    50CB6796-AC9A-4563-B9D7-D8FA72914DEE.jpeg 5D3BC606-9576-4B3E-9DF7-A2F0174E8E97.jpeg 56FFC362-7641-41EB-9ED1-D95FAC788C59.jpeg 75A85FDC-6904-4C74-AB63-4E2A62B471C5.jpeg 95AF23F9-EC11-46C0-B1A2-4DA3598B6B7C.jpeg I know there’s a before and after here but I thought them fitting as the dollar may well have circulated and been carried by a soldier. Especially being a o mint. And the 66 we were in the aftermath of rebuilding and we have a civil war error too
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    1861-O Half Dollar

    1861-O half dollar O.jpg
    1861-O half dollar R.jpg

    1863 Proof Quarter

    1863QuarterO.JPG 1863QuarterR.JPG

    1862 Proof Silver Dollar

    1862 Dollar O.jpg 1862 Dollar R.jpg
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    Haven't seen any gold yet so here you go:

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    Well he did say seated coinage.
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    Doh! I'll try again.

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    No problem, we can open it up for all civil war coins and tokens if people have stuff they'd like to post.
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