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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Savy, Apr 13, 2014.

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  3. Santinidollar

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    Brought this home over the weekend.

    2D352B5E-9639-4771-85E9-EB27B4C8B86F.jpeg A5E00235-B79A-40CB-AD9B-4A4297073008.jpeg EB65B9B7-739F-4E46-AB1E-6AFF753E9662.jpeg
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  4. Razz

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    The reverse on this has some crazy hazing... DSCN4508~2.JPG DSCN4507~2.JPG
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  5. Santinidollar

    Santinidollar Supporter! Supporter

    New arrival:

    AEB831EE-A65C-42D4-BC6A-34A422D59FD0.jpeg 61291FBB-75A7-4BAE-B78C-3581DBF81768.jpeg DA27DE63-1225-4CEF-B4C8-0F0F045120A9.jpeg
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