post a coin w/orange tarnish on both sides

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by cc fanetic, Aug 12, 2017.

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    2.50-1851-1.jpg 2.50-1851-2.jpg

    I couldn't resist . . .

  5. Kirkuleez

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    "Toning" is the preferred nomenclature. I no longer have this one since someone offered me way more than it was worth for it, but it was pretty orange. IMG_0549.JPG
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    Looks like an old PCI holder that Merc is in. Also looks like a nice coin. Deserves better pictures.



  7. Tell us more about the last one.
  8. Zero toning, but it appears orange. 20170808_150430.jpg 20170808_150446.jpg
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    What the devil is Orange? Don't believe I've any of that sort in my collection......however, kudos to those that do.........
  10. I failed to read, "both sides". I lose the internet's tonight.
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  11. The REV shows more orange.
    20170723_215007.jpg 20170723_215017.jpg
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    It's a Japanese nibu-kin (2-bu) coin from the end of the Samurai period and the beginning of their transition to a more industrialized society. The coin was struck in the Meiji era, circa 1868-69, and is made from an electrum (gold/silver) alloy. Though there's more silver in it than gold, it does have the look of a more pure gold coin. This example is a PCGS AU55 and has nicer toning than the PCGS XF45 I owned previously. These are relatively common and affordable as 19th century gold coins go, since they aren't particularly big (and are only about 1/3 gold, technically). This piece cost me $150, already in the PCGS slab, right here on CoinTalk from toned gold guru @jwitten. The previous example I had I bought raw for around $80, and sent it to PCGS myself.
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    1937 Canada 25 cents...

    s-l1600 1937 Canadian A.jpg
    s-l1600 1937 Canadian B copy.jpg
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