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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by thegreatdane, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. thegreatdane

    thegreatdane Member

    The goal of this thread is to post a picture of a world coin that you think is exemplary in any way, shape, or fashion, or to post a unique design that you find fascinating and stunning. Bottom line: post a "standout" beauty of some kind. Posting an ordinary type is fine also, as long as you believe it stands apart from most coins of that type in some significant way. Suggestions: for uncirculated coins, post something with a substantially above-average strike, toning, or overall eye appeal. With circulated coins, post a unique design that is well-demonstrated by the particular coin that you post. I'll start... this one is and will likely always be well above my budget, but there is only a handful of them in existence, and I believe many will not be familiar with the particular design, This coin is Danish and was only minted in a limited quantity, as the issue was paid for out of pocket by the director of the mint in Denmark at the time: 1704 Speciedaler - BR - Other - Obverse.png
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  3. stldanceartist

    stldanceartist Minister of Silly Walks Supporter

    Here is my Austria 1964 50 Schilling that's the PCGS plate coin for the type:

    Austria - 1964 50 Schilling PCGS MS64.jpg
  4. ddddd

    ddddd Member

    Here is a 1924 Rouble that has the nicest toning that I have seen on one of these:
    (Graded MS 63 by NGC)


  5. semibovinian

    semibovinian Well-Known Member

    Mexico -- 1940 10 centavos:

    1940_MX_10centavos_1o_DPP_2017_02_21__0003.jpg 1940_MX_10centavos_1r_DPP_2017_02_21__0006.jpg

    I've always liked the Aztec calendar design.
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  6. spirityoda

    spirityoda Coin Junky Supporter

    1832 Belgium 10 Centimes NGC-MS-65 RB The King of my collection.


    a grade rarity. ask anyone.
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  7. Rick Stachowski

    Rick Stachowski Well-Known Member

    1893 Canadian Nickel .
    Double 9 .

    upload_2017-12-11_6-0-0.jpeg upload_2017-12-11_6-0-27.jpeg


  8. Stork

    Stork I deliver Supporter

    It's hard to limit to just one. After all, don't we buy some coins because we find them beautiful. Call it 'eye appeal' perhaps.

    A limited few of my favorites:

    Even though the Japanese phoenix (ho-o) doesn't have the same fire mythology as the Western phoenix, I love how the toning on this one accentuates the sunburst design.

    Another old favorite. The design is on a reasonably common circulating coin, but the proofs (or specimens, or some Austrian Mint employee experimenting officially or otherwise) are fairly uncommon. I just love this 66. Mintage is unknown, but only a small handful are known between PCGS and NGC. Austrian Mint wasn't talking (no records) when I sent an email.


    A modern proof:


    and one of my favorite ancients:

    I have more...but this is enough for one post :D.
  9. physics-fan3.14

    physics-fan3.14 You got any more of them.... prooflikes?

    This recent purchase has some of the nicest toning of any coin I've ever seen from Morocco. I really like the geometric designs of these Moroccan coins.

    IMG_3060 copy.jpg IMG_3069 copy.jpg
  10. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    My AV 2 Doppia 1626 Parma Mint
    Odoardo Farnesse Duke of Parma 8ff93357fe33167bbf36fd93eae2c6c6.jpg
  11. Ruslatin

    Ruslatin Member

    WOW!! That is a spectacular coin!
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  12. Rick Stachowski

    Rick Stachowski Well-Known Member

    1909 Canadian Nickel Round Leaf

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  13. jgenn

    jgenn World Crown Collector

    I put together my eight favorites into one collage.

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  14. Ruslatin

    Ruslatin Member

    All beautiful classic coins. The Argentina sunface is nearly impossible to find so choice. Is it the 1815 S/R variety?
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  15. H8_modern

    H8_modern Attracted to small round-ish art

    My favorite for both style and color.


    CALABRIA, Tarentum. Circa 315-302 BC. AR Nomos (20.5mm, 7.55 g, 10h). Warrior, holding shield and two spears, preparing to cast a third, on horseback right; ΣA below / Phalanthos, holding kantharos and trident, riding dolphin left; Ω above arm, Σ below arm; below, dolphin left. Fischer-Bossert Group 73, 881 (V345/R684); Vlasto 615; HN Italy 937. VF, toned, compact flan.
  16. Rick Stachowski

    Rick Stachowski Well-Known Member

    1943 Canadian Half Dollar .
    In 2015, it was a new RPD and is now known as R444d9
    upload_2017-12-12_8-11-42.jpeg upload_2017-12-12_8-12-0.jpeg

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  17. jgenn

    jgenn World Crown Collector

  18. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    Actually that is a 5 cent silver piece/ in 1922 the first nickels were minted, the mint went from a precious metal (silver) to a base metal (nickel):( The 5 cent silver were issued from 1858-1921.
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  19. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    Beautifull coins....esp. the one from Utrecht.
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  20. 1934 Wreath Crown

    1934 Wreath Crown Well-Known Member

    1951 Morocco gold off-metal strike 50 Francs (Apparently one of only two examples struck)

    1951 Morocco 50 Fr Obv.jpg 1951 Morocco 50 Fr Rev.jpg
  21. trussell

    trussell Active Member

    Posted before, but its the best I got.
    frankfort1060.jpg frankfortobv061.jpg
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