Possible example of die deterioration doubling

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Miguel castillo, Apr 1, 2020.


An example

  1. Die deterioration

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  2. Machine doubling

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  1. I have this coin 1992 d Lincoln cent maybe it canb an example Screenshot_20200401-003416.png Screenshot_20200401-003437.png Screenshot_20200401-003313.png Screenshot_20200401-003256.png Screenshot_20200401-003335.png Screenshot_20200401-003320.png Screenshot_20200401-003406.png Screenshot_20200401-003356.png of die deterioration doubling
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  3. fretboard

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    Nothing there, looks normal to me. Better luck next time! ;)
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    Yeah, that'd DDD.
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    You like to play with your close-up toy, don't you!
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