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    I almost gave up and threw this coin aside, but the two portraits of these emperors are so intriguing, despite the total lack of legend, that I decided to run it by the experts. Both seem to be laureate, and for the obverse I would vouch for Marcus Aurelius as first choice, then Commodus or Lucius Verus, but it's the obverse portrait that is a mystery, which surprisingly has retained its clarity, enough to rule out a large bearded emperor.
    Marcus always has Lucius as co-emperor on his coins, and later Commodus. This one is a mystery, and if someone can give me a hint, that will prevent me from throwing this coin into the unknown pile. AE27, 9.70g. As or Dupondius. IMG_0573.JPG
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    Antoninus Pius (right image), probably Marcus Aurelius (left image).
  4. Joseph Sarkissian

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    Antoninus Pius, with Marcus Aurelius, Ӕ27 of Irenopolis-Neronias, Cilicia. Dated CY 109 = AD 160-161. ΑΥΤ Κ Τ ΑΙ ΑΔΡ ΑΝΤΩΝΙΝΟC CΕΒC, laureate head of Antoninus Pius right; monogram in right field / ΑΥΡΗΛΙΟC ΚΑΙ ΙΡΗΝΟΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ ΕΤ ΘΡ, laureate head of Marcus Aurelius right. SNG Levante 1607

    Thanks @TIF got it!!! I could see the faint monogram which looks like a Π under Antoninus Pius' beard and it matches. The obverse I assume should be Antoninus Pius which is the right image, it is reversed even in this picture from acsearch
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