Polishing a coin

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Bill in Burl, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. Bill in Burl

    Bill in Burl Collector

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  3. vintagemintage

    vintagemintage Well-Known Member

    To all but a fresh novice collector, sacrilege. If you like to make dazzlingly shiny objects out of coins that will forever be worth face value or metal content, with maybe a slight exception for making jewelry, have fun.
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  4. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    polishing a coin=no collector value. ;)
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  5. Paul M.

    Paul M. Well-Known Member

    I don't think that coin ever had any collector value to begin with.
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  6. Paddy54

    Paddy54 Variety Collector

  7. fretboard

    fretboard Defender of Old Coinage!

    Unfortunately polished coins are frowned upon by coin collectors. Jewelry makers make use of them but not coin collectors. Just a heads up! :D
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  8. gronnh20

    gronnh20 Well-Known Member

    Not a good idea. He/she did not do the reverse.

    I can still tell the coin is cleaned.
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  9. dirty_brian

    dirty_brian Well-Known Member

    I was slightly entertained. amazing how shiny it became. I wouldn't recommend doing that to anything other than common circulation coins
  10. vintagemintage

    vintagemintage Well-Known Member

    Both true!
  11. eddiespin

    eddiespin Fast Eddie

    Did you ever think, if you like to polish coins, why don't you just collect Polish coins? Now come on, I can't be the only one who thought of that.
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  12. vintagemintage

    vintagemintage Well-Known Member

    In that case, just polish Polish coins. A purist of this endeavor would use Polish polish
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  13. eddiespin

    eddiespin Fast Eddie

    Polish coins are already Polish so they don’t need no stinking polish.
  14. lordmarcovan

    lordmarcovan Eclectic & odd Moderator

    That video has been linked to before, though I don't remember which thread it was. Sure, it's numismatic sacrilege (especially if it had been done on a coin with any value), but just in terms of basic metal polishing, it's pretty impressive.
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