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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Bonedigger, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. Hobo

    Hobo Squirrel Hater

    I have carried a 1994-D Kennedy half since(surprise) 1994. It replaced another Kennedy half that I carried until I lost it.
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  3. dready

    dready Coin Hoarder

    I carry a 1882-S Morgan. I like to play the scratch tickets so I likened it to fishing. The bigger the bait , the bigger the fish.The bigger the scratcher , the bigger the prize. Crazy but fun. My wife likes to use a dime,heads up, and I use my Morgan, heads up.Thus all the wear on the obverse. And as was said previously,by ozland tiger, as long as I have it I will never be broke. John

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  4. moneyfan

    moneyfan collector of coins/bills

    i am so getting one
  5. swick

    swick New Member

    I carry with me, a "Republic of Palau, $5.00, Four-Leaf Clover, 1 ounce, silver coin". On the reverse is written: "BETTER AN OUNCE OF LUCK THAN A POUND OF GOLD". It has a real four-leaf embedded in the reverse.
    A few weeks ago, a buddy of mine and I went to the Mountaineer Gaming Casino to play in a slots tournament that the casino runs every Monday night. We call it "GIMP NIGHT". LOTS of elderly peoples. Anyways, that night, I put in my pocket, a 1976, Cook Islands, $1.00, "FERTILITY" coin. Before the tournament started, I went out to the casino to try my luck with the other slot machines. I put $20.00 into a $1.00 machine, and on the fourth spin, I won $2000.00!
    Needless to say, neither coin has left my pocket since that night! I will try to post pictures of both coins. Still not very good at getting the pictures here to Coin Talk.....stone hands!!
    Thanks Ben!

  6. tonylynch

    tonylynch RMO Collector

    Here's mine, a 1945 Walker that I found under a hedge shortly after we moved into our old place in 1991.

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  7. FHDave

    FHDave Senior Member

    When I play poker, I carry a 1923 Peace dollar in an Air-Tite capsule (not letting that baby actually get touched by anyone :) ).

    As a soccer referee, I use a 1971 IKE for the coin flip.
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