Please help me identify some coins

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by don oswald, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. don oswald

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    E838905C-20C5-4883-A280-34228ABFFF9D.jpeg 8C9BE5FD-A294-49D3-89B0-312CE5959080.jpeg B074E1B9-5834-4A8C-8545-2A61F5FBAD8E.jpeg F34BF3A3-9699-47A2-A70B-170329795120.jpeg 93CB7693-EC41-4CE4-81C9-962B782F9FCE.jpeg CB24BDFD-81F1-4CB5-A5FA-C6255B226357.jpeg 25D81351-18B1-4E2E-AD07-039992FC4FE3.jpeg 4C07A33B-882F-4B3D-8DFA-F5D2B1ECF77C.jpeg 083BE240-4151-4880-AFA6-5FC1538600BA.jpeg 26FBC8D0-A9C1-4412-A9B3-EDC7FE30624D.jpeg Hello can someone help me identify these coins. I took one picture of each side I hope they’re clear enough.
    Thank you
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  3. don oswald

    don oswald Active Member

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  5. furryfrog02

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    There is too much reflection coming off the plastic part of the flip to be able to make any details out. That is if there are any details to be seen to begin with. Most of those look to be slugs to me unfortunately.
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  6. ancient coin hunter

    ancient coin hunter Good 'Ol Gallienus

    I had the same reaction. Couldn't make out heads or tails. It would help if they were not in flips. Even then, I am not sure that any of them can be identified.
  7. derkerlegand

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  8. gsimonel

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    You are most likely to get help if you take the coin out of the flip, photograph each side and post the photos of each coin in a separate thread. It helps to know the size and weight of each coin as well as a little background information about how you acquired it. (bought from eBay, given by an aunt, etc.)

    I'm afraid I can't give you much help with the photos you've provided. Here's a couple of guesses:
    #2: 3rd century provincial bronze?
    #3: Byzantine decanummium?
    #5: Looks like it might be a Seleucid era bronze
    #7 Fouree core?
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